This 1905 Shanghai restaurant, grown up by three generations, is standing tall for one reason

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Shanghai is China’s financial, economic, trade, shipping and technological innovation center, so its city is very prosperous, and in this bustling city, there are many fireworks flavor of food hidden in them, in a food street, there is a century-old brand, gathered a variety of food.The one hundred – year – old store is very big, the area near the store had been divided into three parts, in the middle is customer traffic area, was selling cakes and all kinds of pastries area on the left, and right is the moon cake sell braised food and fresh meat, and then move down inside, is the shop open kitchen and dining area, the shop of repast area is divided into two parts,Next to the kitchen is the area for eating noodles and snacks, and inside is the area for eating fried vegetables. In addition to the clear division of functional areas, the decoration of the shop is also very antique, because the seats in the shop are made of dark coffee wood, the walls are also pasted with ink paintings, and there are wooden grille doors and Windows around.This is an old restaurant of Yangbang cuisine, established in 1905, and its crystal meat, thousand-layer oil cake and knives-fish noodles are all very popular.Most of the people who come here are elderly people from Shanghai. They gather together and eat hard. Some of them have grown up with their family’s food for three generations, so they have a deep feeling for this place.Sauce noodles is one of the favorite people in Shanghai, their hot sauce noodles is very popular with customers, 16 yuan a, a inside besides noodles, and secret toppings, and completes the chilli sauce noodles, soup base whiteness, noodles in soup floating on a layer of golden oil and a little pickle silk, the middle is made with chili sauce and dried bamboo shoot toppings, toppings and eat noodles stir,It tastes very delicious, salty and palatability, and contains a hint of spicy taste that is sweet, which not only does not take away the umami taste of noodles and soup base itself, but also stimulates the taste buds of consumers.The store of raw Fried and Fried rice is also a special skill, his each have thin skin filling, eat in crisp outside and tender, rich soup, taste very delicious, and its filling sort is more, for customers to choose, so are a lot of people will order a dish, and his family made Fried rice, grain, smell the flavor of the ingredients and meters,It is delicious and not greasy, and also desirable.The shop has a variety of dishes, such as cooking, snacks, cakes, keeping dozens, and the taste is very good, in addition, shop inside the most touching is service, restaurant, if the dishes because customers their own problems, so this dish will only let the buyer pay for yourself, but after the food problem of the restaurant,Whatever the reason, the staff in the store will simply replace it with a new one, with no reporting or wraparound required, which is probably why the store has survived for hundreds of years.Friends who love food and pay attention to service, after coming to Shanghai, must not miss this century-old food restaurant.