What other traditional customs are there on the 23rd day of the first lunar month?Five kinds of folk customs

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The 23rd day of the first lunar month, the flavor of the Spring Festival has gradually faded away, people also from the happy atmosphere of the New Year, slowly returned to the normal work.But for the ancestors, as long as the first month, every day is a festival, so the 23rd day of the first month also have some folk customs, let’s take a look.Singchancre Festival: the 23rd day of the first month every year, every household singchancre;Singeing: to start a prairie fire.Chancre: A disease that can be eradicated by fire.Ancient medicine is not developed, the people in winter by the way of lighting a fire to keep warm to drive away cold disease, disease, to ensure peace.The twenty-third day, small grain bin filling festival because China is humongous, so every place grain bin filling festival day time is different, so the 23 day this day, some places will have a small grain bin filling festival festival, and the first day of the first lunar 25 big grain bin filling festival, this time is almost the same all over the country, the purpose is basically the same, through worship festival, wish New Year good harvest, grain full up,Be well off.Folk custom: on the evening of the 22nd day of the first lunar month, people in northwest China all “jump ganren”.The custom is on January 22 evening with yellow and two kinds of paper cut into many paper men, and hung on the door, in the morning of 23, must give the paper men far point eye “(with fragrant head open hot paper men eyes and mouth), then put the” person “at the edge of rice noodle in cylinder or tank, let its, satiated with food and then put the paper men in the fire at night began to” jump “.The purpose of “Jumping Dry man” is to wipe out all the bad luck of the year through the flames.At the same time, I hope people cherish food, put an end to waste, but also through the flame, the unlucky and unlucky things, all burn clean, happy and healthy, not sick.Folklore The 23rd day of the first month is the “Ox Festival”.According to legend, the people of Hanggu Pass, where Lao Tzu practiced, got a strange disease, and many doctors could not find a cure. There was a Lao Tzu sitting on a green cow spit out a meat ball, which is called bezoar today, and gave it to the people to eat. After eating it, the disease was completely gone.Every year, on the 23rd day of the first month, every family will paste a blue ox pattern, which reads “On the 23rd day of the first month of the New Year, the old gentleman in heaven will practice elixir, and the golden ox will be posted on the door to ensure peace throughout the year”.The twenty-third day, horses and cattle day because the 23 day is festival, also is the cow festival, horses and cattle must have to take a day off, but also to horses and cattle for the delicious good drink, for the low productivity of the ancients, horses and cattle are the main tools for agricultural production, must treat attentively, can, in the case of horses and cattle have labor ability, provide more support for agricultural production,Pray for a good harvest in the coming year, so the folk saying “the 23rd day of the first month, cattle and horses rest for a day”.They all say that “ten miles of different customs, a hundred miles of different wind”, every kind of traditional folk customs, have in the region people give the implication, although the argument is different, but the desire is to hope that the future of the day is booming.