There is a deletion, only to force themselves down

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In life, I believe everyone is the same, have deleted some people’s contact information.Some people who were added without knowing when, and never contacted at all, some people who had intersection in the past, but later became less and less important, almost no intersection at all, and there would be no contact with any people.Basically, you delete people because they’re not that important.Because it is an insignificant existence, even if deleted, it will not have any impact on their own, so we delete it will be deleted, not feel what, the heart will only be calm.However, there are always some times when we clearly care about a person, very reluctant to delete, hesitate, but still will delete the other party.Delete all contact information and all traces of them.It’s not that we really want it, it’s just that we don’t seem to have any other choice.Afraid of themselves, keep looking for each other.Like a person, we always hope that the other party and their own have the same mind, each other can go all the way.However, the reality is that even if we like someone very much, it is not always possible for them to like us, and even if we have a beginning with someone, it is not always possible for us to move on.It’s easy to realize that one day, when our love doesn’t end well and there’s no future for each other, but it’s impossible for us to accept that and let each other go.Even though there are times when our rational mind can prevail and convince us to keep our distance from the other person, there are always times when we are extremely emotional and always want to reach out to the other person and reveal our feelings.We want to do it, but we also know that we shouldn’t do it, that it would be intrusive.Therefore, in order to prevent their own impulse, do not let the other party always feel troubled because of us, but also let themselves not always stuck in that mood, do not want to delete, we still can only choose to delete.Not to prevent the other party to find themselves, but to prevent themselves, let themselves not to obstruct the other party.After all, we don’t have the self-control to really be strangers.See each other, will become sad.When we have someone in our mind that we can’t possibly have, we feel bad when we see them, even when we see their profile picture, when we see their feed, even when we don’t see them, when we just think of them there.For no reason, the other person can affect our heart and mood so easily.As our emotions are affected, it’s easy to imagine that we can’t focus on our own lives.Not seeing each other’s messages all the time, which is different from seeing each other’s related messages all the time.Therefore, in order not to always fall into a very negative mood, in order not to be trapped in the same place, in order to make their own life can be a little better, even though the heart is very eager to pay attention to each other, we still can only reluctantly give up.It is true that only by deleting the other party and letting yourself not see anything related to the other party, can our hearts slowly become more calm and we can gradually begin to focus on our own years.Even if we can’t be with that person, we still won’t be able to treat each other as if they were nothing.There is no way to see his experiences in which we are completely absent, no way to see that person with someone else, living the life we desire.Force yourself to let go and start over.Forget, let go, say, this is just a very simple thing.But when we really love, really do it, but also found that it is far more difficult than imagined.Need to make up their own minds, but also need to solve their own will shake our hearts.Choose to delete each other, that is, we are waving goodbye to each other, is their own decision in silence.Always delete, so that the other party really does not exist in our lives, our hearts, it is possible to erase each other’s memories, so that they can create some new memories.Life, everyone has some past, but we can not only live in the past, to look forward.Only when we really put each other down, no longer miss, no longer have any fantasy, we can accept a new person, can let oneself in the future, really live more happy.After all, it doesn’t make sense to keep thinking about someone who’s wrong, someone who’s already gone.Love, each other will have their own future, we should also have their own new life, a different two wide, each happy, not because of each other exhausted after their own, this is should, is also the most sensible.Delete. It’s never just about deleting unimportant people.Some people is obviously so important, but we can only delete, so that the other side does not leave any traces.There is a delete, that is so, because like, because can not continue to like, but also to force themselves down.If you do not delete that person, really will always have no way to give up, will always look forward to, delete after, although they will still think of, but at least, not so torn heart crack lung.On the way to put down a relationship, delete is not a good way, but it will have a certain effect.Anyway, first do delete on the surface, and then, from the bottom of my heart will be uprooted each other.No more meeting, no more asking, no longer always treat each other as their life.Text/Tan Meng picture/Network