The women’s soccer team won the title, Huang Jianxiang to the football association put forward the latest requirements, the amount of bonus or more than 40 million

2022-06-10 0 By

Beijing time on February 7, the Chinese women’s team in the Asian cup finals team to win the game this reveal the quality of the Chinese women’s team, tenacious style of work, fighting spirit, don’t give up indomitable resilience, such vitality really let people moved, including two football commentator huang jianxiang, xu also is after the game studio emotional tears choked,Enough to see the Chinese women’s football team brought us too much moved, from the semi-final reverse Japan, this move has always been around, now the final again, women’s football team thoroughly moved every Chinese football people.In fact, after the semifinal match, Huang Jianxiang publicly called on the FOOTBALL Association to give the women’s team the same reward as the men’s team, that is, 6 million yuan, because the men’s team won the preliminary match against Vietnam, which was 6 million yuan. After winning the final, Huang Jianxiang made the latest request to the football Association, saying:Football association please in accordance with the men’s soccer bonus standard double to women’s soccer bonus!This is the latest requirement for the Chinese Football Association (CFA) to give the women’s team a bonus of 12 million yuan.Until that moment, according to a report in the domestic media north green sports football association this time reward women’s number of bonuses is likely to exceed 10 million, and after this time the Chinese women’s team title, afc will reward a prize of $1 million, up to 6.36 million yuan, later in the night of the title, and the Chinese women’s team won two big sponsors amply rewarded,Mengniu gave 10 million yuan to the Chinese women’s football team, while Alipay gave 13 million yuan to the women’s football team. If the football association’s bonus is also included, the total bonus of these four aspects is expected to exceed 40 million yuan.Of course that does not contain some of the other sponsors or sports bureau may be an additional bonus, so this time the Chinese women’s team with their own efforts, also get due reward, the heavy bonus is more than a recognition for China’s women’s hard work, but also for the Chinese women’s team a whip,This award is to show every girl in the women’s football team that their hard work will not be in vain, that their hard work will be richly rewarded, and that they deserve it.Compared with men’s soccer team, after all, women’s girls though this time is a big bonuses, even as a share of the bonus amount is expected to more than 1 million, but even so, the lower salary for these girls, compared with men’s soccer together also is a drop in the bucket, the tip of the iceberg, but we also hope that through this time handsomely after the Chinese women’s team,The women’s football team can continue to forge ahead and make more achievements for the future of Chinese football. It is hoped that the men’s football team can also be touched and learn from the women’s football team. There is only one requirement left in the future, that is, don’t lose so badly and lose so much.