The traditional temple fair at Ganquan Mountain in Xuyi county started in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the reign of Emperor Taizu of Ming Dynasty. How is it now

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The temple fair was originally a gathering place for religious believers.Now it is a good place for sightseeing, business negotiation and communication with the outside world.The annual Ganquanshan temple fair is a sea of people, with the reputation of ten thousand people coming to tide pageant and the grand occasion of one thousand people worshiping.Over the years is the focus of business, tourists from far and near.Surrounding monks come to worship, worship unprecedented grand occasion, monks, chanting sutras, chanting, solemn, elegant, visitors feast their eyes.Also for business negotiations, outside contact brokering.The government took an active and steady way to induce, and organized a large number of manpower, police and local volunteers to actively cooperate to maintain public order, to ensure the orderly development of the event.So, what makes ganquanshan temple fair so popular?One, unique geographical location and celebrity effect Gan Quan Mountain, is located in xuyi county North Guantan town Du Liang Temple, is located in the huaihe River and Hongze Lake interchange, north facing the famous Saint Mountain, west connected to the sightseeing expo saint Mountain lake, east and the imperial Garden mausoleum Ming Mausoleum across the river, south and xuyi first mountain adjacent.There is an ancient well in the mountain. The water is fragrant and sweet, so it is called “Sweet Spring”. Beside the well stands the inscription of “The First Spring in Huainan”, which tells a fascinating legend.This tablet, according to legend for the Song Dynasty.In particular, during the Han Dynasty, The city of King Xiang, King Huai of Chu and Xiong Xin were built here, leaving behind the veil of righteousness, the great achievements of the sisters and the beautiful legend for the posterity, deducing the traditional poems of the Buddhist holy land.There is no exact record of yi Di’s birth year, but he died in 205 BC, the grandson of Xiong Huai, king of Chu during the Warring States Period in ancient China.In June of the second year of the Qin Dynasty, Xiang Liang proclaimed Xiong Xin king and made his capital in Xuyi.After the death of King Xiong Huai of The State of Chu, leading to the ruin of The state of Qin, it is said that his grandson Xiong Xin was herding sheep in the western mountains of Xuyi.When Xiangliang was fighting against the State of Qin, in order to call on the people of the world to actively resist the state of Qin, xiong Xin was found on June 2, 2002, and xu Tai (present xuyi) was named King Huai of Chu and kept its capital in xuyi area of Saint Mountain and Ganquan Mountain.Soon after, xiang Yu moved his capital to Pengcheng and was honored as Emperor Yi.In October of the first year of the Han Dynasty, Xiang Yu forced him to move to Chen County and secretly ordered Wang Yingbu of Jiujiang to kill him.When Emperor Yi was killed, his daughter, Emperor Gu of Chu, was only fourteen years old. She did not obey Xiang Yu and hung herself from a tree to die.Xuyi people in mount Tiantai built yi Emperor temple, but also in the old county office behind the construction of the Emperor temple, used to commemorate The King of Chu Huai Xiong Xin and his daughter, can be said to live alone ingenuity, is a precious historical information.The first year of the Second Qin Dynasty in Xuyi in July, just the history of the famous Chen Sheng, Wu Guang in Daze township (West temple slope town of Anhui) anti Qin time, at this time, Chen Sheng, Wu Guang established the name of the “Zhang Chu” regime, Chen Sheng himself known as the King of Chu.In September Liu Bang raised a peasant rebellion in Peixian, calling itself Pei Gong.At the same time, Xiang Liang and xiang Yu organized a peasant rebellion against the state of Qin after killing the governor of Kuaiji prefecture. Xiang Liang called himself Marquis Wuxin.In the twelfth month of the second year of the Qin Dynasty, Chen Sheng’s peasant army was defeated by Zhang Han, the general of qin, and died in the sand battle.In June of that year, Xiang Liang organized a funeral ceremony for King Chen in order to win the hearts of the people. After the ceremony, he called on Liu Bang and all the commanders of the peasant rebels to discuss a plan to rebel against the state of Qin.Fan Zeng, a counsellor, said many times: “Although the State of Chu is divided into three kingdoms, the state of Qin will surely fall.Chen sheng was the first to stand on his own feet instead of standing after chu.Now you from the east of the river, for can no longer stand after also.”(Fan Zeng) Liang feel very insatiable, so adopted the rationalization of fan Zeng, in the second year of The Qin Dynasty in June, in the western mountains of Xuyi to find hidden in the Heli between the humeral, in and out of the barren mountains and valleys of the shepherd Xiong Xin, and he will be crowned king.To commemorate Xiong Huai’s death in The state of Qin, the state was still named King Huai of Chu and its capital was set up in Xuyi to keep the flag of the state of Chu firmly in mind and to blow the bugle for the destruction of the State of Qin. Various rebel forces responded in succession, escalating from thousands to tens of thousands and finally to tens of thousands.Because xuyi is located in the heart of the State of Chu, the front of the Huai river flowing through the Hongze Lake for blocking, and behind the kuaiji, Jiujiang two counties as a natural barrier, the east led by Chen Ying peasant uprising in Dongyang County mutual support, so it can be said that the hearts of the people, invincible, and can reach the safe point.Therefore, Xiang Liang appointed Chen Ying as general, assisting King Xiong Xin set the capital of Xuyi, the regime continued to stabilize.In September 208 B. C., General Zhang Han of the State of Qin defeated the troops of the state of Chu at Dingtao. Xiang Liang was shot and killed in the process of fleeing. The soldiers of the state of Chu were in great fear and retreated one after another.At this critical moment, Wang Xiongxin of The State of Chu stepped forward to stabilize the military mind, regroup and bear the political and military responsibilities of the western Chu uprising army. He decisively moved the capital from the peace and stability of xu Tai to the forefront of Pengcheng and appointed Song Yi as the supreme general, known as the champion led by Qing Son, and succeeded successively on the battlefield.In this good will, the lack of proper command and favorable geographical conditions (a geomantic treasure land like Xuyi) suffered.- follow the xiang yu’s advice, north left 10 years and the loss of a woman after listen to the north of the xiang yu huai ambition advice, moved the capital Peng Cheng, failing to realize the ambitions, xiang yu was xiang gao hat belt on the head (called adoptive father), plus his mind expansion, consider inappropriate and the chance to seize power, xiang yu deployed military preparedness guo-jun qin chu invasion,At the same time, he placed liu Bang, Song Yi, Chen Ying, Lu Chen and His son in power at the expense of Xiang Yu. Xiong Xin appointed Liu Bang governor and conferred the title of Marquis Wu ‘an on Liu Bang.Qin general ZhangHan eliminate beam after the uprising troops, think chu’s army was not as evil, so he led the army fighting, north and from the qin army under king jointly combat troops of zhao, zhao armies in giant luchen, this is the famous giant deer in the history of wars, the king of zhao sent envoys to for help.Xiong Xin appointed Song Yi as general, led xiang Yu and other generals to the north to rescue Zhao, and asked Liu Bang to lead the rebels to attack the qin army in the west. In order to encourage the soldiers to set out, xiong Xin issued the famous “Treaty of King Huai”, which seriously affected the relationship between Xiong Xin and Xiang Yu.Xiang yu think bears to suppress heart, then, after the uprising troops left bear heart control, xiang yu is a pass Song Yi mismanagement, killed Song Yi in arguments, and seized the relieving of Song Yi smoothly, at the battle of the stag to adopt a classic divide-and-conquer method, first sent troops blocking ZhangHan army, with powerhouse encirclement and suppression “king from army”, after the elimination from the king’s army,Then they concentrated their large forces to force Zhang Han’s army to surrender. After the surrender, they would be killed, thus basically annihilating the main force of the Qin army.However, Liu Bang led his insurrection forces to attack guanzhong with the wind before the wind. He sent his troops to defend Guanzhong and destroyed the other troops of Qin at the same time. Knowing that his army was not as strong as Xiang Yu’s, Liu Bang withdrew from Guanzhong and repaired his troops to nourish and store their strength.When a large force led by xiang yu shanhaiguan, abandon the so-called “about” of king huai, should bear the heart on the surface to have the right to “emperor”, famous line actually big packet number 18 governors of the world, and will bear heart migrated to Bin County, when a righteous emperor bear to heart by Peng Cheng south Bin County, xiang yu secret order three Kings, so just emperor, and the righteous emperor to Bin County through jiujiang countries,Being chased by the yingbu people in The territory of Bin County, it is known to leave xuyi north caused by the fragrance of jade loss veil.Ii. It is said that Emperor Yi appeared and built a temple to worship Buddha, which became the veil of the famous places of Buddhism — how did the famous places of Buddhism come from?According to legend, one day, there is a scholar monk tourists passing through Ganquan Mountain, in the hillside to see a group of phoenix, and this group of phoenix chase, dozen dozen, until the 486 steps of the mountainside, accidentally, one foot slipped into the grass, sprained the foot nest, in pain and exhaustion in a coma,Dream of just emperor and chicken gu here with a temporary spring stir and herbs for his healing, and so he woke up and disappeared, in order to repay just emperor Feng gu’s treatment, he built a straw shed during the rest, after the passers-by cool rest.According to this legend, later generations built a temple and two straw houses here for monks to travel around the accommodation, food.At the time of liberation, there were only one shabby temple and two shabby straw huts where several Buddha and Bodhisattvas were worshipped.It was not until August of the 38th year of the Republic of China that Wang Zhuzhong, a native of Sihong, left his home to become a monk and settled in this temple. The local people called him Wang Daoren.By 1982, the original dilapidated temple had been rebuilt into a main hall and monastery, and at this time there were already four monks.In 1982, due to the development of tourism and the popularity of religion, the government invested in the reconstruction of the original site under the initiative of the wise and lofty people. Today, duliang Temple, which covers an area of 40,000 square meters and is backed by Ganquan Mountain and surrounded by huaihe River on three sides, has become a beautiful landscape.When the Duliang Temple was built, the hosts did not live up to the great trust of the government. On the one hand, they carefully practiced Buddhism, attracting the devotees of practicing Buddhism and participating in Buddhism with their exquisite buddhist principles. They traveled around and gathered in Ganquan Mountain.On the other side of the initiative to contact with buddhist elites to talk about Buddha’s dharma, resulting in the annual April 8th, ganquan temple fair is held in Duliang Temple, worshipers and visitors are endless, there are ten thousand people with strong incense, become a Buddhist resort, cultural mountain veil.The legends of Ganquanshan have made a beautiful veil. The reason why Ganquanshan has left a rich cultural heritage and beautiful legends.In addition to the yi Emperor, Huang Gu’s deeds and Buddhist legends, there are natural vegetation growth.As the first mountain plant of Yang ground has masson pine, white birch, locust and so on, these Yang ground plants have short season, the leaf is small and thick, epidermal cell wall and cuticle are wider and wider, shan bar organization is developed, cell level is much, sponge organization is not very developed, small between cells, mechanical organization is developed.The shade plants have strong durability, small leaf respiration, and great purification effect. The leaves are arranged in a plane and Mosaic. The angular quality of the leaves under low light is relatively thin, such as hosa, pepper, cymbidium, etc.This sets off the “Ming” land of Ganquan Mountain in the middle of the mountain. There are luxuriant flowers and trees, vast natural resources, vibrant flowers and trees, and peach and plum trees all over the mountain. When peaches and plums are in full bloom, they look like red clouds reflecting mountains from afar.For Zhu Yuanzhang mausoleum left a story.It is said that Zhu Yuanzhang, emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, wandered around the beautiful mountains and waters of Xuyi when he visited the city in spring.One day when we were on a boat on the upper reaches of the Huaihe River, a few miles out of the county seat, we suddenly saw red clouds in the distance like rosy clouds. So we asked an accompanying official. In order to please Zhu Yuanzhang, the official casually said that this was the Buddhist resort Ganquan Mountain.Because the mountain planted peach trees, peach blossom in full bloom, brilliant, far-off red clouds reflected in the mountains, close view of the huai water qianfan, misty, shrouded in fog.Zhu Yuanzhang heard this, longxin yue, can not help but praise: “Red cloud Rui Zhao, Yibo vast, fog shrouded, feng shui treasure ground” ah!At this time, followers of the zhizhi think tank dedicated to Zhu Yuanzhang said: Confucianism temple of the first mountain and Buddhist resort Ganquan Mountain, Taoism famous laozi mountain apart but ten miles, are facing the Huaihe river, this is the fate of god!Or coincidence?As a result, Zhu Yuanzhang and ministers agreed that the “three mountains” are out of the blessed land, “three religions flow” are holy land also, xuyi of the first mountain Yang for the “day”, Laozi mountain xu for the “month”, the middle of the Gan Quan Mountain must be “Ming”.I built my own mausoleum in the distance looking at the “three mountains” of the mausoleum, not only can close to the “three religions confluence” to protect the mausoleum, but also the misty huai water, and with the sun and the moon heaven and earth with bright, but also with the Xiang Run Rui cloud on the treasure, it is often said that “good as water, social virtue carries things”?In this way, my dynasty will last forever!Thus the Ming Tombs located in the vicinity of the detailed observation from a distance: xuyi first mountain, Ganquan Mountain, Laozi Mountain, three mountains connected, “Ganquan Mountain” can be said to be three mountains, can also be said to be three mountains overlap, a wave high wave.Anyhow, oasis mountain, a seat on the hongze lake, the huaihe river water to moisten your first step, the oasis mountain land and water convenient transportation, for the tourists from all parts of the world, monks can improve the convenient, oasis mountain temple fair, the mysterious veil, bright and magnificent appearance, into the 10 beautiful picture scroll, blend in the back garden of the nanjing, become the jiangsu tourism destination, hence the nameAlso become through the ages people continue to explore preservation.Note: If you like this article, please share and comment.