The 77-year-old even drew a dozen new energy vehicles: he thought those with new energy license plates were all online ride-hailing cars

2022-06-10 0 By

Today, a news that a 77-year-old man’s son’s income has decreased has attracted attention and quickly topped the list of hottest searches on Weibo.According to KNEWS, last December, Shanghai Minhang Meilong had more than a dozen new energy vehicles designated.Subsequently, the police locked the 77-year-old suspect Bao mou.It is understood that Bao’s son, a taxi driver, once complained to his father about a decrease in income. Bao met other taxi drivers and learned that online hailing had a big impact on taxi drivers’ income through chatting.So, the old man decided to complain for his son by imagining that vehicles with new energy license plates were the “culprits”.In the walk, holding the key, even row a number of new energy vehicles.At present, because of suspected of picking quarrels and provoking the crime of minhang police to take criminal compulsory measures, bag a son is negotiating with the owners of claims.Source: Fast Technology