Popular SX6 makes your return to the city easier

2022-06-10 0 By

With the Spring Festival holiday over, many people are planning to return to the city for work.Before departure, in addition to the luggage to go home during the Spring Festival, the elders sent specialty will certainly be packed luggage, too many large materials do not know how to place?At this time, the advantages of a large space SUV is reflected.As a large space 7 SUV, less than 60 thousand yuan from the sale of the popular SX6 with spacious and comfortable ride space and large storage space to take you easily back to the city, bearing the full blessing from friends and relatives.Calm storage, full of departure with the return to the city to work, the annual drying luggage competition also officially opened the curtain, after all, there is a love called “mother to pack luggage”, grains, fruit gift box, fresh vegetables are indispensable.However, the vehicle storage space is limited, how to safely pack all the luggage?Have as a big space “receive talent”, faddish SX6 store content wisdom to be user with clever discharge worry solves difficulty.In terms of body size, the popular SX6’s length, width and height are 4720*1825*1790mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2750mm.Thanks to the length and wheelbase of the car, popular SX6 luggage deep, can put down a lot of specialty and suitcase.In addition, popular SX6 rear seat support 4/6 proportion down, when two people take back to the city, the user can be the second row, the third row of seats all down, popular SX6 luggage space volume can be expanded to 2400L, can accommodate more than 28 inches of large suitcase, such as beef and mutton, fruits and vegetables and other hometown specialty is not a problem.Glasses, data cables, umbrellas and other bits and pieces always make the car space look chaotic?In addition to large luggage, return to the city necessary scattered small things are also arranged by popular SX6 in perfect order.Popular SX6 has a lot of flexible storage unit in the interior, armrest box interior can receive parking and high-speed charging evidence, small change and data line, door inside storage case can be placed the umbrella, glasses and other items.In addition, there are two cups in front of the armrest box, which can store the cups, coffee and milk tea of the users in the front row.Such ingenious setting not only greatly improves the utilization rate of the car space, but also provides intimate and convenient use experience for the user’s trip back to the city.For many extended families, the journey back to the city during the Spring Festival involves not only loads of supplies, but also more people.As a big family travel omnipotent assistant, popular SX6 with large space of 7 seats layout, fully meet the diversified needs of the big family, let the family return to the city no longer “hard pressed”.Besides the seat layout that considers thoughtful, faddish SX6 close more come from capacious and comfortable take a space.The vehicle has the same level of excellent body size and wheelbase, even if the height of 1.8 meters of passengers sitting in the back row, its leg room can at least spare a fist distance, to ensure that each family members enjoy a comfortable and spacious ride experience.In addition to having wheelbase advantage, popular SX6 excellent body height and width also make the front and rear head and transverse space is very generous, so that every user in the car can be in the car free stretch.For family travel, it is a top priority to provide full ride convenience for the elderly and children. Its width of 1825mm far exceeds that of the same class, and also leaves enough space for the aisle in the second row, which is easy for the elderly and children to get on and off the bus, so that friends and relatives in the back row no longer suffer from “boarding difficulty” and enjoy comfortable journey.After the Spring Festival, many people in the process of returning to the city are dragging home with mouth, and carrying large suitcases and various specialties, the space utilization rate of vehicles has high requirements.Popular SX6 large space support, with greater loading capacity, for the user to bring greater convenience, become the user Spring Festival drive back to the city of the first choice.The event will run from February 12, 2022 to March 12, 2022