Nanning comes on stage new regulation, have new requirement to building balcony, wave window

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The surrounding buildings of Wuxianghu Park and other areas have new regulations on elevation design.Reporter Pan Hao photo “send sunshine room” regardless of the area, “green balcony” all gift……Before, a few development business in the property market is to raise door model product competitiveness, try every means “steal area”, go up in wave window, flower pool, structure board, afforest balcony “think method”.Later, “gift balcony” cannot capricious.Recently, Nanning Natural Resources Bureau issued the “Nanning City Construction Planning Guidelines supplementary Provisions” (hereinafter referred to as “supplementary Provisions”), for building balconies, bay Windows, urban road intersection style and so on to make new requirements and norms.Balcony building area should be included in volume rate when a lot of house buyers are buying a house to see family model, can have a special liking to the balcony, hope their own can have big balcony, the best area is still given.A few development business is to raise dish door model product competitiveness, make an issue on the balcony ceaselessly, from present wave window, transform flower pool and structural board afforest balcony, try every means to “steal an area”, pattern 100.”Complement regulation” made a regulation to the setting of building balcony: residential every cover the balcony structure board level projection area total cannot exceed cover the 30% of building area, blame residential building every balcony area total cannot exceed the 10% of total building area.In addition, it is also clear that the balcony floor area should be included in the plot ratio, that is to say, the green balcony can not calculate the floor area.Balcony setting requirements, the balcony is not allowed to connect all kinds of equipment board and structural board, must be set, can be set on the balcony not the main facade of the short side or balcony partition wall front.Because modelling needs, outside main body structure scope balcony can set adornment column, adornment column cannot be landed or access structure conversion layer.When adornment column is structural column at the same time, answer to calculate balcony building area by corresponding rule.At the same time, the “Supplementary Provisions” is clear about the setting of bay Windows in buildings. Bay Windows should be open on three sides. If air conditioning equipment stands or equipment Wells are set on one side of the bay Windows, they can be open on both sides.The base plate and sill wall of the bay window shall be concrete structure and shall be connected with the main structure as a whole;The upper and lower components of the bay window should be carried outside, and the depth of the bay window (from the inner edge of the external wall to the outer edge of the component) should not exceed 1.1 meters;Solid walls are not allowed to seal the bay Windows on the upper and lower floors between cantilever members.Balcony and bay window calculation area is divided into two categories of some buyers in the purchase of a house, property consultants in the introduction of the model room will always say, “our balcony is a gift of half the area”, buy a house customers listen to very tempted, thought the house unit price is so expensive, it is good to give a few square meters of balcony area.However, some buildings are calculated by full area to the balcony, “the balcony is presented” let many house buyers confused.The calculation of floor area of balcony and bay window (bay window) is still in accordance with the Code for Calculation of Floor area of Construction Engineering (GB/T50353-2013).In the balcony inside main body structure, should press its structure periphery level area to calculate whole area;In the balcony outside main body structure, should calculate 1/2 area by the horizontal projection area of its structure baseboard.How to distinguish between the balcony inside main body structure and the balcony outside main body structure?According to the staff of Nanning Natural Resources Bureau, the balcony outside the main structure is generally “convex balcony”. The balcony is outside the load-bearing structure, and the cantilever plate and cantilever beam plate are used as the ground of the balcony, and then a semi-outdoor space is composed of railing and solid fence board.This kind of balcony calculates the area of 1/2.Conversely, inside main body structure “sunken balcony”, be in namely the balcony of bearing structure, calculate whole area.Convex (floating) window, windowsill and indoor floor height difference of 0.45 meters below and structure net height in 2.1 meters and above convex (floating) window, should be calculated according to its maintenance structure level area of 1/2 area;For convex (floating) Windows with elevation difference between window sill and indoor ground below 0.45 meters and clear height below 2.1 meters, the floor area shall not be calculated if the elevation difference between window sill and indoor ground is 0.45 meters and above.Requirements for the design of residential buildings in two Types of Regions In order to improve the urban landscape, the Supplementary Provisions also put forward supplementary provisions for the improvement of architectural modeling quality of residential buildings around the key display areas of urban characteristics and important natural landscape resources.There are two types of areas that need to be designed to improve the quality of residential architectural features. One is the key display area of urban characteristics, and its residential buildings include:The first block on both sides of minzu Avenue and east line, the surrounding area of Nanning East Railway Station enclosed by Changhong Road, Cuizhu Road, Fengling North Road and Na ‘an Expressway, the first block on both sides of Pingle Avenue, Wuxiang Avenue and Yudong Avenue, and the first block around Wuxiang Railway Station.Second, the first block around important natural landscape resources, its residential buildings include: along the banks of yongjiang River, south Lake, surrounding Qingxiu Mountain Scenic area, on both sides of Eight feet River, around Wuxianghu Park, around Wuxiangling Park.The Supplementary Provisions have specific requirements on the improvement of architectural form design and elevation design.For example, to improve the quality of the balcony, the balcony should be closed with French Windows, open balcony should not be set under the roof of the balcony drying facilities, the balcony can be set according to the modeling needs, floor decoration column, decorative wall;Encourage vertical balcony greening and so on.In addition, the Supplementary Provisions also listed several recommended examples for improving the quality of residential building features.For example, in the aspect of exterior wall equipment board, air conditioning equipment and other equipment are required to be set centrally and integrated with the design of the building facade. It is required that the shielding effect is good, and the facade is clean and tidy without scattered air conditioning and equipment board.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: