It has been four months since the china-Laos railway opened to traffic

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Economic Daily Beijing, April 4 – (reporter Qi Hui) April 3, The China-Laos railway opened operation for 4 months, sending a total of 2.254 million passengers, sending 1.31 million tons of goods, showing the passenger and cargo transport momentum.Passenger side, Laos rail Renaissance, lxa, train operation safety, green, convenient, comfortable, shorten the distance of space and time between city, attract people along, be preferred in travel, passengers dispatched continued strong growth, has stood the test Spring Festival, domestic section of the daily operation of passenger trains on 23.5, 32.5 for operation, the highest peakA total of 2.03 million passengers were sent;The Lao section runs two pairs of buses every day, with a total of 224,000 passengers and a maximum of more than 2,800 passengers per day.In terms of freight transport, the China-Laos Railway has delivered goods to more than 10 countries and regions, including Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore, vigorously promoting economic and trade exchanges along the route.Since the opening of the China-Laos Railway, 2,023 cargo trains have been in operation, transporting 1.31 million tons of cargo, among which 427 cross-border cargo trains have been in operation, transporting more than 310,000 tons of cargo, with cargo volume increasing from 170,000 tons in the first month to 360,000 tons in the fourth month.The range of goods has expanded from rubber, fertilizer, general merchandise to electronics, photovoltaic, communications, automobiles, textiles and other products, reaching more than 100 kinds.Source: China Economic Net – Economic Daily