By watching the Super Bowl with Eugenie, Is Prince Harry showing that he’s normal?

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Britain’s Prince Harry was recently spotted watching the Super Bowl with Princess Eugenie.Prince Harry is said to be having the time of his life in America.Most royal fans can recall that Prince William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, decided to give up royal life altogether in January 2020 in an attempt to live a quieter life away from the relentless criticism of the British media.Prince Charles’ son has repeatedly been outspoken about his desire to protect his wife Meghan Markle.Meghan Markle has been a favorite pastime for British tabloids since their relationship began in 2016.In a shocking interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan revealed they had decided to leave the British royal family because of “racism” behind the palace gates.After leaving the royal family, they went first to Canada and then to California, where they settled.Prince Harry’s carefree American life was recently shattered when he was spotted watching the Super Bowl with his cousin, Princess Eugenie.A body language expert analysed the purpose of harry’s visit, saying the prince was trying to show he was a “normal person”.Judi James, a body language expert, told The EXPRESS newspaper that Harry had gone from “royalty” to “normal” — not the man on the street, of course — but “normal and well-known.”Country star Mitch Gatton ran into Meghan Markle’s husband at the competition and shared a photo of them on his social media account with the caption: “I met Prince Harry.He’s cute.I even curtseyed in my tracksuit.”Here, harry, wearing a mask, hugs Mickey Guyton backstage in the VIP cafeteria at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.Meghan Markle placed her other half on the singer’s shoulder and Mitch Guyton’s hand on his waist as they smiled for the camera.Jodie James pointed out to the photo that it was a typical selfie, of a happy fan leaning in for a photo with his favorite American country artist.That fan, of course, is Prince Harry.In terms of the details, including the force of the movements and the manner of the gesture, Judi James admitted that he was baffled by the two, and that he was confused about Prince Harry and Mickey Guyton — who was a fan of whom.But, as this photo shows, Harry is a total “big shot” at a backstage buffet at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.”Harry looked so warm and relaxed that it wasn’t just a ‘fan hug’ but a very real one,” the body language expert explained.”Mickey Gatton snuggled up under Harry’s armpit, snuggled up against Harry’s body, and Harry wrapped his arms around Mickey Gatton’s upper arm.”Prince Harry looks completely immersed in the selfie-like pose, with not only his head and torso leaning forward, but also his left hip fully matching the pose.”Although he is wearing a mask, his joy can be expressed by the wrinkled smile around the corners and the cup-shaped effect under the eyes, which indicates that his mouth is smiling widely beneath the mask.”Body language experts noted that in a recent appearance, Prince Harry described himself as a ‘typical guy’.Harry seems eager to prove the point, even though he’s just translating the body language of “royalty” into “celebrity” rather than the average man on the streets of Los Angeles.Royal fans also took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the photos of Prince Harry and Mickey Guyton.One user wrote: ‘This is the new Duchess of Sussex?There better be a good explanation. Why are you holding her so tight?Damn it!Together, they were made for each other.No messing around.There was no cuddling.They were so close together that harry, even with his mask on, could see that he was smiling broadly.Seeking freedom…Even if it’s only for a few minutes.”Another twitter user shared: ‘So unique.He feels more relaxed with a complete stranger.”A third wrote: ‘That’s the most genuine smile I’ve seen from Harry in the last four years.’Thanks for reading!Press and like for three seconds and a miracle will happen!