Saic Mg ten thousand people test drive festival the second season is imminent

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In order to celebrate the cumulative retail sales of domestic and overseas markets exceeding 470,000 and meet the demand of consumers who did not buy cars in time before the Spring Festival, MG launched a New Year promotion. On February 1st, “Enjoy New Year MG invites you to share 300 million red packets of great benefits” will be held.Consumers purchasing MG models can enjoy up to 13,000 yuan cash red envelope, up to 10,000 yuan replacement subsidy, up to 8,000 yuan financial discount and other benefits.Many red envelopes, grab the end of the stop!If you want to buy a car during the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, don’t miss the opportunity of “collecting your wool”. Go to the MG dealer’s official account and other channels to learn about the activity. You can also go to the local 4S shop to consult the staff and get your exclusive benefits!Registration time: February 1st – February 20th Location: Users’ rights and interests of distributors selected in the registration process: If you successfully sign up for the 10,000-person test drive and complete the test drive in the store within the activity time, you will get MG Live APP3000 points;Magopic welfare for popular models, 6 big red envelopes cover all the popular cars and enjoy the powerful welfare policy. MG offers red envelopes, financial subsidies and privileged rights for five popular models. No matter you are buying a car or SUV, come to MG and “buy”!In this event, MG launched 6 red envelopes covering all car lovers, including welcome new red envelopes, sincerity red envelopes, replacement red envelopes, old friends red envelopes, test drive red envelopes and credit red envelopes.Among them, old friends and test drive red envelopes are available.Variety is rich, can always meet you;Wool a lot, let you pull up a enough!During the event, consumers who purchase the new MG5 of the “Tide Run New Category” can enjoy a red envelope of rmb3000 and a financial discount of up to RMB5000;If you buy the third generation MG6 PRO, you can get 6000 yuan cash red packet, 7000 yuan financial discount and 10,000 yuan rights and interests package including lifetime warranty.If you buy MG ONE, you can get a financial discount of up to 7,000 yuan and a replacement subsidy of 6,000 yuan.Buy “Sports SUV” MG ZS enjoy a cash bonus of 13,000 yuan, purchase tax bonus of 3,000 yuan and financial discount of up to 5,500 yuan;Purchase of “Combustion technology SUV” MG Pilot can enjoy up to 8,000 yuan of financial discount and 10,000 yuan of replacement subsidies.A number of models synchronous force, science and technology products best-selling surprises emerge all over the world, more than welfare.”Young Spokesperson” MG with the new MG5, the third generation MG6 PRO and MG ONE and other high-tech products comprehensive layout of the category market, and with the same global high-quality best-selling at home and abroad.The MG ONE is built based on SIGMA, saic’s new platform architecture. It is a compact SUV equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship 8155 chip, Loshen intelligent cockpit system, and a 30-inch three-link large screen.The industry’s first AI semantics with T+X self-learning ability, the first e-sports space equipped with B station, Yamaha music smart cabin, advanced intelligent assisted driving, the first non-inductive mobile phone car keys for fuel cars, advanced automatic parking with visual fusion and other intelligent technologies, bring the smart experience of the leading young generation.In addition, the MG ONE is also equipped with a new power combination — MEGA Tech 1.5T high-power “China Heart” Top ten engine and MEGA Tech CVT325 high-torque CVT transmission, which can accelerate only 8.1 seconds for 100km and brake only 35 meters for 100km, bringing the German flavor surging driving experience.MG ONE “Race Track Gene Youth Sports Choice” the third generation MG6 PRO with bright, passionate new sparkling orange color, instantly caught the eyes of young people, and won the CMF Design Award.Its super wide body sports coupe design, official mass production real 100 km acceleration 7.83 seconds, Internet car Venus intelligent system, BOSE immersive audio and other excellent product performance, fully meet young people’s multiple demands for sports coupe in power, appearance level, quality and intelligent technology.From the first generation to the third generation, MG6 does not change the nature of sports, not only creates a sports sedan market segment, but also leads the trend with uncompromising strength.The new MG5 of the third generation MG6 PRO created a “new category of tide running”, and applied the million-level supercar design to the 80,000-level car, bringing users a level of appearance experience beyond expectations;The performance is the same as the second kill, equipped with golden power combination, can achieve 8 seconds of 100 km acceleration, the whole system is equipped with XDS bending artifact, can be called “8 seconds to break 100 bending artifact”.It also has the first music cabin equipped with Yamaha hi-fi sound system in China, and the intelligent driving superconfiguration and safety configuration of a-class cars. It is A rare fashion running model in the top ten of the domestic compact car market, becoming the “first choice of young people”.The brand new MG5 attracts car fans from all over the country with high-tech products. MG brand not only sells well overseas in 2021, but also has accumulated retail sales of over 470,000 at home and abroad, with a year-on-year increase of 69%.Riding on the momentum, THE MG New Year car purchase promotion is about to kick off. If you want to realize your dream of owning a car at the beginning of the New Year, please go to the store to consult and order!(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)