Players discover bikes and magic brooms hidden in Dying Light 2

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But some special means need to be invoked.As one of February’s most anticipated games, Dying Light 2 has received far from stellar reviews, but has been well above the pass mark, generating a lot of discussion.On Steam alone, where the numbers are trending, Dying Light 2 currently has a positive rating of over 81%, with over 160,000 simultaneous online users at launch, which is 3.5 times the figure for the original.While the Dying Light series focused on first-person parkour survival in a zombie apocalypse, Dying Light 2 builds on the smooth mobile experience of its predecessors.In addition to sprinting, sliding, wall jumping and other parkour moves that are essential for moving between buildings, players will also gain “nightcrawler tools” that help them move quickly in the open world as they unlock the story.Paragliders and grappling hooks, for example.Paragliding allows the player to glide long distances to fly to distant buildings, or to slow down and land safely if they fall.The grappling hook is attached to a rope that hooks onto objects like chandeliers, allowing players to swing up to previously inaccessible platforms.But developer Techland seems to have more inspiration than that.A group of players focused on unpacking game files and creating mods found more tools to help players move around in Dying Light 2.Within hours of dying Light 2’s release, those same players were discovering that by changing an option in the game file, they could open a hidden developer-only menu inside the game.On Feb. 5, a player going by the handle SERVPH uploaded the modified file to NexusMods. Other players simply downloaded the file and placed it in the root directory to bring up the developer menu in the game.The Item option in the developer menu shows all of the available items in the game, including weapons, Item blueprints, hidden collectibles, and some EasterEgg items prefixed with ‘EasterEgg’.B station @ blank jun – – One of the Easter egg items is a bicycle.The bikes that are scattered throughout the game are just optional background objects, but the bikes that are called up through the developer menu, just like the vehicles available in other games, can be picked up by pressing the “F” button.When the bike hits an obstacle, it also makes a clown horn sound, as if mocking the protagonist who falls off the bike.Bikes are cool, but they can’t get past zombies, and the upgraded hero can’t run any slower than a bike, so the utility of a bike isn’t very high.Think of riding a bike and jumping down like ubisoft’s Extreme Nation, and you’ll be smashed to pieces.Another Easter egg item is called “The Great Scott!”It’s actually a two-wheeled skateboard.It is used much like a paraglider, with the added ability to hover over water, but is difficult to control.Youtube@xGarbett meets both cool and useful criteria, and this is the next broom.According to the description, the broom was found near a train station, presumably as a tribute to Harry Potter.The magic broomstick is also used in a similar way to a paraglider, except that pressing the back button on a paraglider and a skyboard will only slow the protagonist’s fall, while pressing the back button on a broomstick will allow the protagonist to fly in defiance of the laws of physics.Flying costs the player stamina, but in theory, a player can use a broom to get anywhere on the map once they have collected enough “inhibitors” to upgrade the hero’s stamina.These props belong to Easter egg items, players need to put some effort to find.Less than a week after the game’s release, most of the Easter eggs have already been identified, including a hoverboard that can only be used in a single challenge.The bike and broomstick, however, have never been traced, and players would not have known they existed without the developer’s menu.Maybe they’re hidden somewhere in the map, waiting for a willing player to find them.It’s also possible that Techland cut both Easter eggs late in development and intended them to appear in subsequent DLC for a legitimate reason.If you want to play flight simulators in parkour ahead of time, the only way to do that is to download the files from NexusMod, which is only available on the PC.The developer menu is “built in” and the file uploader SERVPH says that using the menu feature will not affect Steam achievements or result in any bans.But the developer menu is not a universal modifier.Part of this menu, such as “God mode”, “invincible” and other cheating functions, are the legacy code of the first generation, without any substantive effect;Other features have bugs that few people know what they do and can lead to corrupted archives.In order to gain the power to defy the laws of physics, it seems, there is always a risk involved.