New Year’s Walk | “Eye” of Zhongzhai

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In recent years, through media communication at all levels, People’s attention has been diverted to the Village of Morong Town, Guzhang County.February 4, start of Spring.At lower elevations, the snow has melted away, the sun has broken through the clouds, and the home is no longer a vacation destination.Four months later, the reporter re-entered the village, greeted is a flow of the new version of the “shanzhai Spring map” : clear and clean water, an artificial “laladu” carrying visitors leisurely back and forth;A barrage has two rows of neat stone piers.Under the stone pier, three layers of semi-circular reservoir surrounded by;The river flow down from the stone pier, into the pool, and then down, rolled up the white spray, the formation of a “four fold waterfall” landscape;In the parent-child base, groups of children or bungee jumping, or through, play vigorously;Two or three children sat around the table, looking intently at the pictures, scribbling and coloring on the white models;On the new flat river bed, visitors surround the furnace and kan…The sound of a long whistle echoed through the valley.Xiangxi only a small train for sightseeing “chuang when chuang” in the 3 km track back and forth.Passengers waved the red flag in hand, and the green mountains along the way into one.In front of the waiting room, there is a timetable prefixed with the word G, reminding you to arrange your journey.God’s eyes, it seems to be particularly “pity” in the village so poetic beauty.The reality of Zhongzhai is “appetizing”.However, what is more admirable is the vision of Zhongzhai people: they can no longer beg for food with good ecological folk culture resources.Zhongzhai Village has jurisdiction over four natural villages, namely Guanxi, Jirong, Laozhai and Zhongzhai, and seven villager groups with a total of 315 households and 1230 people. It is a pure Miao village.The wooden dwellings of the Miao nationality, backed by the green mountains, facing the green water, and pavilions complement each other.Between the verdant mountains, the small bridge, water, people in the valley, is originally a beautiful landscape pastoral painting.Ten miles of Ghost Creek Canyon. It’s a secret place.The various “ghost schools” engraved on the monolith and presented in the form of “xing Li Kai Cao” have aroused people’s imagination.Zhongzhai lives up to the reputation of “Traditional Chinese villages” and “Villages with Chinese ethnic characteristics”.In 2018, the state people’s Congress organs in the village poverty alleviation, the development of rural tourism curtain immediately opened.Long-term vision, also need to be supplemented by vision;Zhong Zhai people’s vision, such as powerful calligraphy, “penetrating the back of paper.”Tunnel in the village long Ming Li, just under the “great effort” : quit to start a business.With the support of all parties, ghostcreek Canyon tour, study parent-child tour and traditional folk house tour will be created.The 128 households in the village take the form of cash, and the village collective shares the tourism company in the form of land, water channels and other resource assets, to establish the interest connection mechanism of villagers, companies and villages.In August 2021, The Ghost Stream Secret Environment Eco-tourism Company was put into operation, and the development of Zhongzhai Village entered the fast track.At present, the young people of the village have returned and the rent-free doors have opened;Selling honey, vegetables, tea and other agricultural products through e-commerce platforms, villagers smile more.Long mingli said that during the Spring Festival holiday, the village still received 15,000 tourists due to snow, ice and the epidemic.Clifford Zhongzhai, riding the “train” along the road of rural revitalization.Long Wenyu (Yang Sisi)