Jackie Chan’s father’s funeral: Jaycee mourns, Lin falls to her knees, Jackie’s half-brother doesn’t show up

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The heavy snow that swept the country in 2008 made spring a bit later than usual in Hong Kong, which is traditionally warm.In the cold of spring, a heartbeat monitor blares in an intensive care unit at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital.An old man named Fang Daolong closed his eyes in the sound of alarm and passed his last life with a little regret. He was 93 years old.Hospital bed around the room road dragon’s younger generation, at this time for his departure and sad cry, but his only son is not in them, the room road dragon is sorry for this.The son’s name was Chen Gangsheng.He is also better known as Jackie Chan.It was Chan’s wife, Lin Feng-jiao, and son jaycee Chan who were at his bedside.Chan was filming “The Forbidden Kingdom” in Beijing at the time, and the incident became a sore point for chan, who did not have time to return to see his father for the last time.In interviews in recent years, Jackie Chan also said that not seeing his father off was the biggest regret in his life.oneJackie Chan is undoubtedly a legend in Chinese film history.But many people may not know much about chan’s legendary father, Fong Daolong.The legend of Fang Dao Long comes more from the shaping of that legendary age.In turmoil, room road dragon ever had learned kung fu for self-defense, chance coincidence because of the kung fu on the body had joined the Kuomintang, had done military intelligence personnel.It is in this period, fang Dao Long because of a variety of reasons, a pseudonym for Chen Zhiping, and met Jackie Chan’s mother Chen Lili.Their love story was also adapted into a tale of Three Cities, a special romance in the midst of war.They married in Hong Kong and together took a job at the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong.Chen Zhiping was appreciated by the consulate ambassador during his service, and later the ambassador invited the couple to join him when he was appointed ambassador to Australia.But the two already had children — Chan, then known as Kong Sang chan — and the job required no children.Jackie chan was only six years old at that time, may be displaced from place to place environment so that fang Dao Long husband and wife should not let the child follow this journey, may be that the growth of the boy should be independent independent suffering, eventually the couple chose to go to Australia.The young Jackie chan was sent to be a disciple of the famous actor Yu Yuan.It’s possible to speculate about how chan’s childhood without his parents influenced his later choices, but it’s impossible to know.But judging by his father-son interactions since becoming famous, Chan doesn’t seem to be estranged from his father by his absence growing up, and the two remain close.At Van Dao-lung’s funeral, Jackie Chan could not hide his grief.Chan’s funeral was held in Australia to keep a low profile.But chan’s influence in the entertainment industry prompted many celebrities to send wreaths and couplets to express their condolences, and the media flocked.A number of photos emerged from the funeral.The photos show Chan looking depressed throughout the funeral.Jaycee Chan, who also attended the funeral, dressed all in black, stood by Chan’s side throughout, grieving the loss of his grandfather.Lin Fengjiao, who had been absent from the media cameras for a long time, also appeared at the scene, kneeling in front of her father-in-law’s body in an act of filial piety.It was also during the funeral that media revealed that Jackie had two half-brothers in his hometown, Anhui province.Before fang Daolong met Jackie Chan’s mother Lily Chen, he had already married a wife and had two sons in his hometown in Anhui province.The first son was named Fang Shide, and the second son was named Fang Shisheng.But in those troubled times, it was common for families to be torn apart.Room road dragon out struggling for a long time no word, the wife and children of his hometown thought he had died in the field.In 1947, Fang Daolong left for Hong Kong, thousands of miles away from his family.It was not until 1985 that Fang Daolong got the news of his hometown and finally met his two sons in his hometown.According to Chan’s older half-brother, Fong Shide, Chan always felt guilty about not taking care of his brothers enough and would return to his hometown in Anhui province for a few days each year to make up for his debt.Mr. Fong also paid for a revision of the family tree to add Chan’s name.But Van Daolong never spoke to Chan about the incident.Unsure of his roots, Jackie Chan has looked everywhere for where he came from. He has claimed his ancestral home in Shandong province and believed he was descended from fang Xuanling, a famous prime minister of the Tang Dynasty.However, this view has been questioned by some experts and scholars.According to relevant data, although Jackie chan is indeed the offspring of fang Dao Ling, and Fang Dao Ling is indeed the blood relationship between fang Xuan Ling.However, the clan relationship between fangdao age and Fangxuanage is too complicated, there is no specific evidence to prove whether Jackie Chan is fangxuanage descendants, further research is needed.Chan only learned about his two half-brothers from his father in 2001.At the same time, fang Dao Long also told Jackie Chan the origin of its clan.Knowing that he belonged to the Anhui Fong clan, Chan even held a special renaming ceremony for his son in 2004 to officially change his name to the Original Fong clan name in recognition of the family name.Before and after the funeral, far in Anhui fang Shi de and fang Shi sheng two brothers finally learned that their father’s news.Both say they want to see their father for the last time, but they can’t get in touch with the half-brother they never met.The pair had to turn to the media, which broke the news that Chan had two half-brothers.Perhaps because of the difficulty of going abroad, they had problems with their visas, or that Jackie didn’t want to admit them.In short, fang Shi de brothers eventually failed to appear in the room road dragon funeral scene.Three never met in the hometown of fang Dao Long after the funeral, fang Shi de two brothers also had many times with Jackie Chan said want to meet.Faced with such a request, Chan has sent his own company to his hometown to solve the relevant issues, but he never appeared in person.But fang Shi de always want to see his brother side.He even appeared on a TV show in 2012, hoping to call on his brother to return to his hometown for a family reunion.It caused a storm of public opinion at the time.So in August 2013, While filming in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province, Chan took time out to visit Wuhu, Anhui Province, and finally saw the hometown he had never seen.As a veritable big star, Jackie Chan brought a dozen security guards with him.But Chan was adamant that his niece Fong Suk-ah wanted to raise a banner to welcome him, saying he didn’t want to be too high-profile.During his visit to his hometown, Chan first visited the ancestral shrine of the Fong family and visited the family tree, where he and his son Jaycee were given their names.Then saw his never met half-brother room Shi DE, two people in the eldest brother room Shi DE home talk for a while.Brother fang Shisheng did not see this trip, he is now in Anhui Guangde, not in the home.The next day Jackie Chan with fang Shi de family in Wuhu city to eat a meal, then left Wuhu, and put into the busy work.Though Chan kept a low profile during the trip, many in the village recognized chan because of his popularity in China.In the face of the villagers, Chan’s attitude has been very easygoing, for the villagers to take a photo, autograph and other requests are also as far as possible to meet.According to Chan’s niece Fong Suk-ah, chan also brought gifts for them during the trip.This room shi de said, he has been more than 70 years old, also do not figure his third brother’s money, just and his father recognize more than 20 years, never met with his brother, always feel very sorry.Jackie Chan trip, let the regret of housing Shi de finally complete.Four, this is not the same way, still different way after that zuoguizong, and no longer came Jackie Chan back to Wuhu news.Fang Shi de want to see his brother’s desire to complete, also no longer in the media about Jackie Chan’s life voice.Although the two families are originally the same blood, but early because of different life trajectory embarked on different roads.After their brief encounter, the two brothers continued to live their normal lives in their hometown, while Chan remained his international superstar.Jackie Chan’s only son Jaycee entered the entertainment industry under the influence of Jackie Chan, although has been shrouded by his father’s halo, but also broke out a number of fame, the Academy Award hundred Flowers award has been nominated.But he was later jailed for allowing others to use drugs, sentenced to six months in prison and fined several times. After his release, Jaycee Chan retired from the entertainment industry and rarely appeared in the public eye.It was a very bad hand.In April 2021, jaycee chan was at a party with friends. Soon after, he drove off in a luxury car, looking as cool as ever.In fact, Chan also has a daughter, Wu Chulin, who was born to chan and actress Elaine Ng.But when Elaine Wu was in love with Jackie chan, he had a wife, Lin Fengjiao, who appeared at his father’s funeral.Lin Fengjiao was not as successful as Jackie Chan in the film industry, but also quite famous.In 1982, Lin fengjiao married Jackie Chan and announced her retirement from the film industry.The couple had a son, Jaycee chan, shortly after their marriage, but the announcement has never been made public.It was not until 1999 that chan’s relationship with Elaine Wu was revealed, and soon news came that Elaine was pregnant.The identity of Mrs. Lin Fengjiao was finally revealed to the world.Jackie Chan chose Elaine Ng and Lin Fengjiao.In response to the scandal, Chan said he had just made a man’s mistake and did not acknowledge that the child was his.After Wu was born, Chan said in a public interview that he had changed his will and decided to leave all his assets to Lin.After this matter, Wu Qi Li took Wu Zhuo Lin to Shanghai.Growing up in Shanghai with her birth mother, Qili Wu, was a bumpy experience.Although Cheer Wu has always expressed her love for her daughter in media interviews, Wu’s relationship with her mother is apparently not harmonious.Ms. Wu repeatedly told the school and even the police that her mother had abused her, prompting Ms. Wu to be arrested twice.Wu Zhuolin has run away from home and even hurt himself many times.According to Elaine’s friends, Elaine’s desire to see her father Jackie and Elaine’s disapproval were the main cause of most conflicts between the two.But regarding these public opinions, Jackie chan himself has remained silent and devoted himself to his film career.Jackie’s brother, on the other hand, lives a different life.In 2021, a reporter visited Fang Shisheng and Fang Shide.Now they still live in their hometown in Wuhu, Anhui Province, living in a bungalow on a meager retirement salary, and their children are ordinary wage earners.Although life was by no means rich, the family enjoyed a good relationship.We don’t know if Chan has any personal connections with them.