Have a bowl of Noodles with Beijing fried sauce and enjoy the taste of authentic fried sauce. Learn to eat them at any time in the future

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Noodle is one of China’s top ten noodles of traditional pasta, especially very popular in the north and South Korea also have noodles, it’s on the other side of the overseas Chinese in shandong with the past, noodles in other areas in China also have, but it is different in the north, to say the real it is to belong to the northern noodles, also more exquisite.Today, WHAT I want to talk about is the noodles with fried bean paste made in the north. Although I can’t say how authentic it is, I make it in accordance with the old traditional way. Maybe this is the old flavor you are looking for.Fried soy sauce noodles.Ingredients to prepare: 300 grams of pork belly, 100 grams of fresh noodles, 60 grams of dried yellow sauce, 20 grams of sweet sauce.6 dried mushrooms, 100g yellow bean sprouts, 150g cabbage, 100g kidney beans, 100g cucumber, 100g green bamboo shoots, half a spring onion, half a piece of ginger.10 grams of sugar.The pork belly should be peeled first, cut into slices and then cut into strips, and finally cut into small cubes, but not too small, too small a stir fry will not see the shape, about 1 cm in size can be.Let go of dry yellow sauce with 30 grams of cooking wine. Stir dry yellow sauce with cooking wine to remove the fishy taste of the sauce and make it more mellow.Dry mushroom with water first, after soaking, clean and then dice.Add shiitake cubes here to enhance the freshness and flavor, but also to enrich the taste, of course, do not like to add.Chopped ginger, green onion into green onion, sauce is not need to put garlic, as long as the green onion and ginger, green onion and ginger are to enhance the flavor.Spring Onions and ginger are a must when we make the sauce.Cut the yellow bean sprouts into thin slices, cut the kidney beans into thin slices, slice the cucumber and shred the cabbage, and shred the bamboo shoots.These side dish does not have regulation commonly, can be when season oneself like vegetables.Boil water in a pot and blanch bean sprouts, kidney beans, cabbage and bamboo shoots successively. The blanching time is not too long, about 20 seconds for each type. After blanching, use cold water or mineral water to cool.The shredded cucumbers can be dispensed with blanching, which will affect their taste.Burn the pot to the bottom of the oil, add a little after smoking slightly oil does not need too much, because we mainly use the streaky fanned out oil, fatty pork and fry the pot after more let wild-pigs is heated more evenly, the oil better effect, under the high temperature heating of the pork belly fat oil began to permeate, and more.Then you can put the mushrooms into the pot and stir fry the diced meat together. When the color of the diced meat slowly becomes a little golden, we add half of the ginger and stir fry together. The ginger can play a role in removing the smell of the fishy meat.When the diced meat has oozed a lot of oil, the volume began to shrink, and the color became golden, we first change to a small fire, and then put the simmering dry yellow sauce and sweet bean sauce into the pot, here we add sweet bean sauce can play a compound sauce flavor, let the sauce flavor more rich.Low fire slowly boil fry, be sure to stir more to prevent low paste, then we can add some sugar, sugar can make the sauce quickly diluted, and the sugar can calm part of the sauce salty, but also make the sauce more loud and more beautiful.In the process of cook Fried has kept a small fire, and to keep stirring, slowly put the water inside completely let it evaporate, as the water reduce, the pot of maotai-flavor are more and more strong, color is also more and more red, then we can add a third of the chopped green onion and ginger and the rest of the time put onion is to get a cooked onion flavor.After putting the chopped green onion and ginger into the pot, keep stirring, it will not take more than 1 minute for the fragrance to be completely aroused. At this time, the oil in the pot is not as cloudy as before, but has become very clear, which means that all the water has evaporated, and the sauce flavor is perfectly released.At this point, you can turn off the heat, and then pour the rest of the scallions into the pot, using the sauce and the remaining heat of the pot to cook the scallions, so that the scallions can be more layered, more fragrant.In 30 seconds at most, the delicious sauce is ready and ready to serve.The whole cooking process takes about 10 minutes.There is no need to put salt when cooking sauce, because dry sauce itself is salty, so there is no need to add salt, otherwise it will be too salty.If you can’t finish the sauce at a time, you can put it in the refrigerator and keep it sealed with plastic wrap. When you want to eat it, you can take it at any time without reprocessing.In the north, fried noodles are also called small bowls of dry fried noodles. The sauce used can be dry or thin yellow sauce. If the sauce is dry, it must be stirred before use.