Fu years meet the Winter Olympics, Xiamen Snow skating swim up to

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The 24th Olympic Winter Games officially opened last night. As the only “double Olympic City” in the world, the romance of The Chinese people is amazing all over the world., ice and snow, dream of the Olympic followed A meng jun to xiamen where snow skating swim up xiamen Olympic museum to help the games in Beijing with you to understand the games, xiamen Olympic museum planning exhibition “, ice and snow, meet the games “, from “myth games story” “successive games posters” “science and technology, the games are” three parts for display.The first part “Historical Winter Olympics Story”, through the combination of display boards and physical exhibits, shows the origin of the Winter Olympics and the historical story of the Winter Olympics, so that citizens and visitors understand the “past life” of the Winter Olympics.The second part, “Posters of all Winter Olympic Games”, will display posters of all winter Olympic Games since the first Winter Olympic Games, explaining the different concepts and unique charms of all winter Olympic Games.The third part “science and technology Winter Olympics decryption”, in this part, through the museum collection and the form of exhibition boards, analysis of the content of science and technology in the Winter Olympics, to the general public visitors show the unique charm of science and technology Winter Olympics.Zhonghuacheng Champion Ice Rink is located in xiamen’s bustling Zhongshan Road business district, in the 1600 square meters of large indoor real ice stadium, wanton stretch your body, enjoy the fun of skating.Figure | xiamen huacheng champion ice rink introduced international advanced ice-making system, based on the special security fence, for beginners to more security, complete supporting facilities, advanced the light, give you the perfect experience of skating.Figure | xiamen huacheng champion ice numerous national/world champion and the international competition winning players, coaches the game procession, scientific, rigorous, the international standardization of teaching training courses for lovers of different ages.Figure | xiamen huacheng champion ice cheng yi discovery center of science and technology for the games, cheng yi discovery center of science and technology with full sense of feeling and atmosphere of science and technology, brings the games ahead.Large blue and white blocks, IMAX three-dimensional light display, formed an “ice maze”.Here, you can explore the “little knowledge” of the Winter Olympics with your friends.You can also enter the punch card challenge to win a Lucky New Year bag and a family photo of the Year of the Tiger!Cool snow park, play ice sports into a party of ice and snow world, snowball fights, snowman, build small snow city……Then call a small friend, feel the charm of curling together, to meet all the children’s curiosity and expectation of winter.In Xiamen, you can also experience the snow and ice in the North. The penguin net world in the old courtyard scenic spot is famous. The indoor space is 15 degrees below zero.Figure | xiamen old yard area this is xiamen’s first collection of penguins, ice and snow world, set web celebrity theme, love, love theme, parent-child paradise in the integration of tide play new attractions.Figure | xiamen scenic area there are a group of old yard to live in the city of snow and ice penguins “tuxedo gentleman”.Figure | xiamen old yard area is darling of them, a likable guy, is more a little penguin has just recently donated, three very sweet.Figure | xiamen scenic old yard to let a person enchanted statues made of ice castle, promenade, let you points minutes “through the” ice world.Figure figure | | xiamen scenic old yard xiamen scenic old yard beautiful aurora dreamland, bright beautiful, mysterious and colorful sky deep sea…Every single one of them is super film.Figure | xiamen scenic area in fuzhou New Year’s day, the old yard clock in xiamen ice world cheered for the Beijing games here, beautiful scenery, knowledge and blood all all in!Together with Mr. A, let’s go now!Part of the source: CCTV news, Xinhua net editor: Huang Zhoujing responsible editor: Chen Qinzhu