“Fairy and Demon Sacred” 47th set of ever-changing “fairy fighting”

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The words of the Antarctic fairy weng see jade ding real change into crane to chase after the demon emperor and Zhang Liang, immediately drive xiangyun with too b real person, Huang Long real person and kind channel people back to the Jade Virtual palace to hand in the decree, see yuan Shi Tian Zun busy gift, see the demon emperor and Zhang Liang one by one, finally said:”The demon emperor elder took zhang Liang’s teacher and nephew away, I really don’t trust, called The jade ding real chase to see, especially back to the master to ask how to deal with this matter, also please master express!”Yuan Shi Tian Zun laughed and said, “You are too careful, South Pole apprentice!Don’t you know where the demon King came from?You don’t believe the demon Emperor, don’t you still don’t believe the Goddess Nu Wa?Say again heaven circle, the number of days is certain, you let the jade ding son to track him, is really beyond his power!As for zhang Liang, his disciple, he has his own destiny. You don’t have to worry too much about it. You’d better all go back to explore the road and understand the way of Heaven.”The South Pole fairy weng and too b real person, Huang Long real person, Ci Hang road person busy bow body shi Li way: “thank you for the teacher’s teachings, respect respect the decree!”Say, the South Pole fairy weng and tai b real person, Huang Long real person, Cihang Taoist farewell yuan Shi Tianzun, turned away from the jade virtual palace, each back to the fairy mountain cave practice, the South Pole fairy weng sent his crane boy to the capital notice jade ding real person, the master zun decree, said everything is destined, let him speed back to the fairy mountain practice.Cranes the boy did not dare to neglect, spread your wings and fly to Beijing at once, when he cast magic hover over the capital, was thinking how to find jade ding reality, suddenly see the sky above the roof of the world, a rat sprint on the roof, there is only behind civet cats running after, see will be civet cats chase, mouse suddenly jump, suspension into dogs, instead of to the civet cats.The civet cat was busy dodging to the side to avoid, and then jumped up into the air, into a Wolf fell, to the dog;The dog quickly moved aside, rolled on the spot, and turned himself into a leopard and pounced upon the Wolf;Wolves a look is no match for leopard, hurriedly to the side to duck, also on a roll, become a tiger growled at leopard, will jump in the past, then will see a handsome man jumped on the roof of the tiger and leopard, ‘upon “predecessors, please stop it, guy, please stop it, I learned, also please two predecessors in the well.”I saw the tiger stand up and become a cold handsome man, it is the demon Emperor elder.At this time leopard also stood up and became a fairy fairy, it is to find the jade ding real.The crane boy hurriedly flew to the jade tripod real bowed down and said: “have seen the teacher uncle!”Jade tripod true person said: “crane boy, why do you come?”The crane boy said, “I have been ordered by my master, who has sent me to inform you that everything is doomed. Please hurry back to the cave palace of the fairy Mountain to practice.”The man stroked his beard and said with a smile, “Thank you for your hard work. I know. You can go back.”The crane bowed and said, “Yes!”Was about to change into the crane fly away, I saw Zhang Liang hurriedly came to bow bow said: “have seen elder brother!”The crane boy bowed himself in return and said, “Take care of yourself!”Say that finish, change into the crane spread wings to fly back to the master of the Antarctic fairy life.The jade ding real person bows down to the demon emperor to give a courtesy way: “the skill of the elder change is really clever, I have been taught, now white crane boy pass on the master yuan shi Tian Zun law, I take my leave.”The demon King nodded and said, “Your master Yuan Shi Tian Chun has indeed discovered the way. He was right. Everything has a destiny.Zhang Liang see jade ding real want to go, busy from the arms out of the jade gourd, hands held out to jade ding real said: “the last to the nine turn Dan and a few useless, this would like to have time to visit the teacher also on this Dan medicine, but I do not know where the teacher bo xianshan cave?Just meet today, it is fate, just back to the teacher, please take back.”The jade ding real person ha ha ha smile way: “only a few Dan medicine you still put in the heart, you take use, I have plenty of, lest you always use the teacher to give you the elixine, that is also too waste!Let shi Bo he old people know you misuse he gave you the elixir, later will not give you, you have to keep a good use of it!Good, I also don’t say much, you want to take care of yourself more later!Something can go to Yuquanshan Jinxia cave to find me, let’s say goodbye, see you soon!”Say that finish, drive xiangyun and go.The original Zhang Liang in heaven and earth corridor to avoid the sight of the demon emperor, drive xiangyun lift-off to the Yellow River disaster relief, how can this escape the god of the demon Emperor?He drove xiangyun to the Yellow River in front of him, behind the demon emperor will change into xiangyun floating in the sky above Zhang Liang, to Zhang Liang just into the fairy way of the primary repair, how could it be found repair for the high demon emperor tracking, when Zhang Liang clean and quick killed the Yellow River 18 strange, get to practice his treasure “treasure bead”, the demon emperor just appeared in the sky above Zhang Liang.When he listened to the South Pole on the xian weng said zhang liang have too elixir of the old king, immediately looking for zhang liang to, but because of the Antarctic xian weng fairy’s face, must be strong, and a wave of his hand was put zhang liang back to the earth building room, the sky the world ten beauty has vanished, but he and zhang liang cups on the table beside the pastry is clearly show the beautiful male than zhang liang victory,Zhang Liang teacup next to the cakes have seven pieces, and his teacup next to only three pieces, is his heart feeling unhappy, his god aware of the jade tripod real change into crane and then change into vultures fly into the air to capture the change of jade tripod real crane.Jade ding reality saw that they change into a crane demon emperor was, so we have to change into a demon emperor vultures, eagles war didn’t expect to change into gold wing dapeng demon emperor to deal with him the eagle, jade ding reality to see their changes as demon emperor, had to fly to the sky the world roof into mice, the results demon emperor also don’t pass him, jump to the roof into a civet cats to catch him,Jade ding real busy into a vicious dog want to turn the tables, did not think of the demon Emperor into a Wolf to his change into the vicious dog pounce;Jade ding real quickly changed into a leopard turned to the demon emperor into a Wolf;Results demon emperor and became the king of beasts tigers to deal with him become leopard, thanks to zhang liang found in a timely manner, to fly on the top of the block, to recall the embarrassment, jade ding real know oneself is parent of or change theory, and are not demon emperor opponent, trying to get away, zhang liang arrived in time to stop, the absolute is a timely rain, so zhang liang is his nine turned back to Dan, he rebuffed,Take also to Zhang Liang say their own xianshan cave, is waiting for Zhang Liang something need to find him to help, good return him this favor.At this time the demon Emperor see jade ding person leave, suddenly change the usual cold and proud face, curiously said to Zhang Liang: “You have too old Jun elixine?How many do you have?You know what? What do you want?I’ll trade with you, and I won’t let you lose!”Zhang Liang was a little embarrassed to say: “Teacher uncle just told me that teacher uncle zu gave me the elixir that I have a great use in the future, if the teacher uncle if know I changed things, will be angry…””Alas,” the demon emperor very seriously persuade Zhang Liangdao: “you see jade ding real person will change the art, although he will only seventy-two kinds of changes, but the world has few rivals among the same generation, and we are the most good at the magic of change, I can teach you eighty general changes, if you learn, isn’t you even your teacher and uncle are more than?Isn’t it a great use for us to exchange this?Besides, if I don’t tell you, who knows?”Zhang Liang heard, the heart secretly pleased, he was worried about how to restore the original appearance of the court to see Liu Bang, now good, if he learned this eighty general change, but there is no harm!This is a great benefit. However, the elixir given by Lao Jun is rare in the world, so we can’t take it all out. Just say there are only three.So Zhang Liang bowed down and said, “What the elder said is true, but I’m afraid I can’t learn the eighty general changes, but mistake the wisdom of the elder!Besides, these three elixins are the master uncle let me not use them until I have to.”Hearing this, the demon Emperor was elated and immediately said, “There are three?That’s great!If you have pearls, are you afraid of improving them by leaps and bounds?Besides, I have “the secret of the art of transformation”, with your intelligence and wisdom is afraid to learn it?I’m just a little confused, you know?Look for him to want a elixir at ordinary times, he all push three block four don’t want to give, didn’t think to your boy so good?Three of them for you!It can be seen that he loves you more than he loves his own disciple. Is it possible that he also wants you to be his disciple?”Zhang Liang busy said: “the elder is really joking, he is my teacher’s uncle, generation is still separated by a generation, how can accept me to do close disciple?But Shi Bozu and I hit it off very well. When I saw him, I felt very close to him. We talked about everything but happily, that’s all.””Oh” the demon Emperor said: “It turns out that you are friends regardless of age, but it is really not easy to find someone to talk to. Since ancient times, it is difficult to find a bosom friend. I find that I like you more and more.Without waiting for Zhang Liang to say yes or no, with a quick wave of his hand, a dragon dragon dragoon stopped in midair, and with a jerk of his sleeve robe, a lucky cloud lifted him and Zhang Liang into the dragoon. With a wave of his hand, the dragon dragoon lifted himself up into the sky and sped off towards the demon race.To know zhang Liang went to the demon clan, is a blessing or a curse, please listen to the next decomposition!Thank you for urging more friends, happy happy Zhang Liang gong to wish you a New Year fortune!”Like” friends are healthy and live long!(Note: this article is original, allow forwarding, do not pirate!Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete)