Aquaculture fish grow slow what method does fish grow fast

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Dear bosses, the growth rate of fish is inseparable from a good environment, bait and a healthy body. Therefore, the slow growth of our fish must be related to the above factors.I. Environment: 1. The water is too thin, algae is too little pond, oxygen is always low, so we need to cultivate and maintain abundant algae is the work of the whole breeding cycle; 2.2. At the bottom of the pond environment too bad, cause the entire pond lower oxygen shortage for a long time, cause fish such as poor feeding and low utilization rate of absorption of bait (why many times we feeding, fish food is not so good in the morning, a big factor is the low dissolved oxygen) (you can use the fuyuan aquatic special bacteria to adjust water quality).2. Bait: 1. The nutrition of the bait is not enough or unbalanced, and the absorption rate of fish is low;2. Pay attention to the change of weather and water quality when feeding. Feeding time is too short, eating is seriously uneven, and feeding too little or too much will affect growth.3. Health of fish: the long-term poor condition of fish liver, gallbladder and intestine will seriously affect feeding and growth. In the whole breeding stage, we should pay attention to the regulation of body constitution for a long time.1. In the seedling stage, food intake accounts for a large proportion of body weight in the seedling stage, but its digestive capacity can not keep up with it, that is, its appetite can not keep up with its digestive capacity. At this stage, we can add yifuyuan aquatic animal growth promoting agent to promote digestion and absorption in the feed.3. Use less chemical drugs to kill insects and do not use antibiotics to prevent diseases, especially at the stage of seeding, which will destroy the immune system of fish and cause fish to grow slowly.