3 ancient Chinese novels were strongly recommended: My Princess is a Magic doctor kept the top of ancient Chinese novels with 9.5 marks

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Hello, everyone, it’s time to meet again. Today, Orange will continue to recommend beautiful novels to you. Let’s immerse ourselves in the haiyang of novels and find more interesting things to make our life better.Strong push three novel ancient words: “the princess of my family is happy” comfortably at the top of the ancient words, 9.5 work first book: “the princess of my family is happy” author: today also want to become beautiful introduction: she is to let person while fearsome poison, never only encouraging people, only to be hurt by bad nearly lost his life, first thing is to make calculation of recovery after her scrap directly!She’s so famous, and someone wants to marry her?Who is not afraid of death?He sneer, you this tigress also only I can surrender, darling go home with me!Highlights: The second day, a group of people will pack up the things set out.Shuyan Jing is naturally with them, four wench are very surprised, but no one said anything, are not installed to see.Mammy Chang was even more shocked, but she did not dare to say a word.An Qing dye son first jumped on the carriage, and then waiting for her four servant girls also jumped up, who knows jumped on the carriage is not her four servant girls, but is the legend of jing.”How did you get into this carriage? Where is my servant girl?””In the back carriage with two of my guards.”Talking about the weather is as natural as talking about it.An Qingran opened the curtain of the carriage and looked back. Sure enough, her four maids were in the carriage behind, and Mo 4 followed feng 3 on a fast horse, just outside the carriage.An Qingran frowned as she threw down the curtain and thought of jumping out of the carriage and staying with her four maids. But Suyan Jing lay down so fast that her head rested on An Qingran’s knee.”Hush — don’t speak yet. I am tired, and I did not sleep well last night. Be merciful to me, and let me lie quietly now.”Said, Chu yan jing closed his eyes, he slept very fast, like a touch fell asleep.An Qing dye see this, very want to shuyan Jing pushed aside, but in the moment, the line of sight swept shuyan Jing that too pale face, do not know why, she was softhearted.Well, let’s just say she’s doing a good deed. After all, he’s a patient, right?Besides, in case his bones were exhausted by a lack of rest, wouldn’t they be the last to suffer?So in order to own no trouble to consider, an Qing dye tolerance of The Word of Jing Su this wanton.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Read spring return” author: Looking for lost love Introduction: young Mu Nianchun often complains god, since the world has already had their own, why should there be Mu Yuanchun?After a long time, dying mu Nianchun very calm thinking, this life, in fact, who did not win.Re-opening her eyes, she was twelve years old again.It’s too late to start all over again.She wants peace for herself and her family.Years quiet good, long spring return.Wonderful content: also do not know this Qi king royal highness in the end take out of which kind of wind, eat a meal or refuse to go, with great interest will mu Fu full stroll over.Even the family and girlfriends have not let go.It was impossible to attend class for the whole afternoon.The young masters of the Mu family were busy greeting his royal highness King Qi and His Royal Highness Tai Sun.The ladies of the mu family are busy dressing shy and calm or calm.No matter how calm the surface, the heart is more or less ripples.One was the emperor’s favorite son, handsome and easy-going.The other is the dignified Taisun, the future crown prince of the Great Qin Dynasty, who is fatter but cute.No matter which one is enough to make a young girl’s heart charming reverie.The vision that Mu Wanchun pursues all the time as qi Wang’s figure, that carries eyebrow shallow smile of hiatsu young resemble naturally dazzling body, need not painlessly, show elegant languor lazy between raise one’s hand and cast foot, firmly attracted her all mind…….There was a sudden slight tug on her sleeve.Mu Wanchun was startled, reflex of turn over the head, right mu Nianchun narrow eyes: “how?”Mu Nianchun whispered in her ear, “Third sister, you too.My eyes are falling out of my head.”Mu Wanchun instant red face, quietly forced to twist mu Nianchun a.Mu Nianchun poured a breath of cool air, the heart lamented.A good man can’t just do it!From shame into anger of mu three miss start too heavy, her arm affirmation bruise swollen a……However, after she reminds, Mu Wanchun is introverted much next.I went from staring to peeping every once in a while.(Click below to read for free) third book: “Tang Jin” author: Jiu Shilu Introduction: a fire, the family destroyed.Xie Zheng enters Beijing alone, one mind seeks the truth.It’s just, after five years, did her fiance recognize her?Wonderful content: Li Yun today wore a white robe, waist belt is also elegant, long hair tied crown, inserted a white jade pin, only thin lips to the whole person added some blood color.Courtiers say that his royal Highness Li Yun is calm and gentle, and though he does not show his sharp edge, he is no mean man.He is like a spring in the summer, qin people cool, also comfortable.Some people even said in private that li Yun might not be able to suppress other brothers, relatives and courtiers if he were only an idle royal relative, but he could live a lifetime without merit or fault.Before this case, Lu Yuyan had little contact with Li Yun, but he was more familiar with Su Runqing.According to Su Runqing, who was Li Yun’s companion for ten years, His Royal Highness is a person who can make people feel like a spring breeze.After talking with Li Yun several times, Lu Yuyan understood more or less what Su Runqing meant.They entered the study and sat down after meeting with Li Yun.Su Runqing carefully explained what had happened. “Lord Yang has arranged men, and if we are not mistaken we shall find traces in one or two abandoned convents.”Li Yun, without opening his mouth, boiled water and made a new pot of tea, adding to them: “The concubine has just sent the old gentleman’s eyebrow. Have a taste.”Su Taifu loved tea. Following her grandfather, Su Runqing also tasted a lot of good tea, some of which were treasures given by the imperial palace.Picking up the tea cup, Su Runqing smelled the aroma of the tea and looked at the shape of the tea. “Is this a tribute?A few days ago, the Holy Father had some given to grandfather.Lady Shu Concubine plain drink da Hong robe, this old gentleman eyebrow is specially reserved for your Highness.””Sissy is that, what good things in the weekdays, for me and Changan keep.”Li Yun sipped a cup of tea in an indifferent tone.(Click below to read for free) That’s the end of today’s recommendation. Are you still satisfied?Looking forward to your message