21 points, seven double figures!Three quarters clocked out, the east deserves to be first

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Unconsciously, the Miami Heat has moved to the first place in the Eastern Conference, although the Bulls, bucks and Nets have suffered injuries, but the Heat’s injury list, but no less than any team.The main reason why the Heat have such a good winning percentage is that this team always has someone to step up to, and even golden State warriors can’t compare to the Heat in terms of depth.In this case, the Miami Heat are playing the Washington Wizards.Also unknowingly, the Washington Wizards have moved to the 11th seed in the Eastern Conference, where they were the top seed early in the season but clearly belong.The combination of Beal and Dinwiddie certainly doesn’t have the same impact as Westbrook did last season, and it’s been a challenge for the Wizards to make the playoffs.No suspense heat, showed his own strength, in the first quarter 4 of 8 shots butler, scored 11 points and 2 rebounds 1 steals, deng hit 3 remember three points, there are 9 points, rebounds, 1 bench Vincent is just 4 of 4 to 11 points, the Miami heat under 39 points in the first quarter, and the wizards only scored 24 points, 5 point 1 backboard 1 assists, kurtz horseTop scorer on the team.Back in the second quarter, the Wizards rallied, with Harrell coming off the bench to lead the team to 29 points with nine points, one rebound and one assist on 3-of-3 shooting.The Heat went into a scoring drought, scoring just 21 points in the quarter, and led the Wizards by only seven points, 60-53, at halftime.Easy side fight again in the second half, adebayor began to take over the game, and 5 of 7 to 14 points 2 rebounds 2 assists and all the goals in the area, the heat under the single section boom 31 points, while the wizards in scoring drought, single section only get 17 points, two teams came to 21 points, only a section of time, opponents is the first in the east of the heat,The game was completely out of suspense.The Wizards’ main force played a few minutes before calling it quits, but the bench did a great job. Kispert had 11 points and three rebounds, and Yamura 塁 had six points, three rebounds and one assist. The Wizards scored 30 points in the quarter, but the Heat’s deep bench also scored 30 points.The Miami Heat won their third straight game with a 121-100 victory over the Washington Wizards.Miami led by as many as 35 points, and players like Caron Butler and Emmanuel Adebayor, who also clocked out for three quarters, once again demonstrated the no. 1 team in the Eastern Conference.It is worth mentioning that the heat hit 18 remember three points, the game that is in the absence of herodias, the seven players in double figures, the highest score is adebayor, seven of 11 shots to 21 points 7 rebounds, 4 assists, to the highest number is butler, 7 for 13 to 19 points and 3 rebounds and 4 assists, typical team basketball, can’t,There are too many people on this team who can score.Holiday led the wizards in scoring with 14 points, four rebounds, four assists and three steals, kuzma with 12 points, two rebounds and two assists, and Dinwiddie, the centerpiece of the team, had four points, five rebounds and six assists on two-for-six shooting.But off the bench Keith Kispert had 20 points and six rebounds, Yamura 塁 had 11 points, three rebounds and one assist, and Harrell had 13 points, one rebound and two assists.With the loss, the Wizards moved five games back of the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.