Try this on the holidays

2022-06-08 0 By

In 2022, the third year of the epidemic, many places still strictly control the flow of people, but for our small town of Wusheng, Sichuan, there is no control over people’s human contact.It was floodwater, trapped animals, and the streets were clogged with cars and people were eating and drinking to their full enjoyment.For some people who love beauty, this time of anger is undoubtedly the mouth can not control, can not open legs, especially this year’s Spring Festival is particularly cold.So how can you enjoy yourself and keep your weight under control during the festive season?I don’t know what the science is, and I don’t know if it works for others, but I haven’t put on any weight during mardi Gras.The first meal of the day, I am based on coarse grain, noodles, millet porridge, bread, milk, steamed bread…And so on.Try not to eat greasy and smelly food in the morning.Noon is certainly on the way to eat a big meal or eat a big meal. At this time, you should know how to match meat and vegetables, try not to drink alcohol or overeat. It is ok to have a full seven or eight points, and you can eat some nut snacks appropriately.The evening will arrange some entertainment activities, such as KTV. Overnight mahjong, if you do not know how to refuse this time, then it is easy to be in the irregular work and rest, irregular work and rest will lead to endocrine disorders, so lead to weight gain, so try not to stay up late.To sum up: try to eat fewer and more meals every day, and it is better to eat a variety of foods, rather than a single food structure, metabolism is more rational.Taste a little light, eat a little less meat, eat slowly, try not to drink wine, eat a little more control, snacks in moderation, if conditional, exercise a little more, work and rest a little more regularly.