From now on, stop all the factors that harm the body and make full preparations for eternal life

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We know that there are internal causes, external causes, factors of ignorance and arrogance that can kill life.Internal cause is mainly in the body of telomerase in support of the human body’s metabolism gradually shortened, and eventually disappeared, the human body’s internal telomerase regression will stop the metabolism, thus death.External causes more, there are a variety of natural disasters.Such as too cold and overheated climate, storms, earthquakes, landslides, all kinds of plague invasion, harm on the road, their own fighting injuries and so on.It is impossible for a man of his own more humble culture to know the full extent of good and evil.Even with a comprehensive knowledge, but also because of willful greed and disregard for health, in wanton recklessness, will eventually put their own body damage, dying.As for their own factors, all by the guidance of the heart, let love, greedy for all the wanton things in the world, from then on a hundred diseases, died.Those who believe that life is too short to enjoy themselves are afraid that they will not be able to enjoy the things they have created after they die, so they play and eat wildly and make the most of their earthly pleasures.The wisest few, on the other hand, know that life is not to be lived (full), and know how to control themselves wisely, and not to waste time, food, and life’s precious energy.This kind of temperate wise man knows that the internal causes of bodily injury are inevitable, knows to avoid the external causes of bodily injury, and more strictly controls his inner lust, thus making his mind calm and his inner organs clean.This is no disease no disaster, light god health of the secret of life.From now on, we both understand the internal cause, external cause and their own pathogenic factors, we should act immediately, stop all physical injury behavior, and try to solve the body has been damaged.When the body is young and vigorous, the internal organs do not decline and reverse damage, people will be disease-free, and live for a long time.There are many habits that can cause damage to the internal organs, and we need to understand and control them.Lazy sleep and stay up late, easy to anger, eating and drinking, smoking and drinking, lust for money, work too hard, love taste love thick and so on.After a person’s 40 Yang qi is halved, the body’s function also begins to shrink to less than half of that in the prime of life.Love to eat and greedy taste too thick, then the heart and blood vessels began to block.We should immediately stop the bad habit of disturbing the blood vessels and start a prescription to unclog them.Overworked people work day and night under great working pressure.At this time, with the decline of the function of the body, qi and blood and viscera of the virtual loss is inevitable.We have to learn how to make up for the loss and regain the vitality of the body as in youth.Only make up for the depleted Yang qi, make qi and blood enough, the vitality of the human body will be strong, the viscera will be full of spirit, so as to dispel diseases, drive away evil spirits, prolong life.We never put the heart on physical fitness, or always busy work drag light of the health of the time and concept, so that people until the disease, began to regret that they did not care about themselves, but then it is too late.From now on, we are busy in the work, to take some time, pay attention to health, which can achieve prevention.Only by knowing where the danger comes from and learning the knowledge to avoid it, can we mature enough to restrain our reckless habits.In this way, living longer is possible.We can’t have the pessimism that life is too short to enjoy the moment.We should always live for a long time thought, prepared from childhood, do not let disaster befall their own, this is the wise people’s thinking.