Buick SUV New Year test drive

2022-06-08 0 By

Warm spring Shine new don’t enjoy new ideas – Buick South China SUV New Year test drive meeting 1, go to the store to buy cars enjoy ten gifts;2, pay 100 yuan of intention to buy a car to enjoy 22 times of the purchase price (including 100 yuan of intention to buy a car, 2200 yuan in total);3, to the store customers can also participate in the car owner class, enjoy the new car knowledge in advance, first experience before buying a car.Buick Verang Pro with down payment as low as 16,800. Preferred buick Microblue 6 with down payment as low as 0.For only 83 yuan wei lang Pro, Leon coldwell Plus only 799 yuan at six in the 3 years maintenance car buyers to send 8888 yuan package recommended car successfully sent up to 200000 members integral car buick remit to participate in the hit a golden eggs get SUV manufacturers custom gift family cars at the highest 36 stage interest-free used-car displacement double subsidies to 16000 old customersWelcome to call the 24-hour free consultation hotline: 0763-6899888 or click “enquiry bottom price”, we are 24 hours online service for you!Buick Shop, Nanling Automobile City, Guangqing Avenue, Xiaoshi New Town, Qingyuan city, Guangdong Province.The event will run from February 18, 2022 to February 19, 2022