After qingming, eat 2 fruit, cover 3, eat 8 buds, healthy for a whole year

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Qingming festival after all kinds of fresh vegetables on the market, although now a lot of vegetables in the four seasons, but still should be the most nutritious season, the most delicious!Doing a balanced regimen well will benefit you for more than a year!Eat two fruit apple apple, containing a variety of vitamins, minerals and crude fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion and defecation, but also can maintain and recuperate intestines and stomach.In addition, apples are rich in dietary fiber and pectin, which can promote peristalsis of the intestinal tract, help discharge food residue, make the intestinal tract more smooth, improve digestive function, and promote appetite.Strawberries strawberries, known as the “first fruit of spring” by nutritionists.Strawberries are rich in iron, fructose, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, etc. They are good for spring cough, sore throat, boils, etc.Wu three warm and cold, we should pay attention to prevent “reverse spring cold”, do a good “spring wu”.The most important thing in spring is to “cover” the place, the body of the three cold entrance, be sure to guard.Cover abdomen navel and abdomen, most afraid of cold, easy to cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc..Therefore, be sure to do a good job of belly warm work, do not wear too thin.Wu back, for the du vein of the sea, but also the Yang vein of the sea, is a Yang qi gathering place.Warm back, can prevent disease, reduce the chance of cold, but also conducive to Yang qi rise.Therefore, the back must also do a good job of warm work, can be more appropriately basked in the sun.Wu foot “” principle advocates” thick on the thin “.The blood circulation of the lower part of the human body is worse than that of the upper part, and it is easy to be invaded by wind and cold.In addition, “cold starts from the foot”, the feet are also the most vulnerable to cold, need to pay special attention to.Pants, socks, shoes must be worn thick, warm, do not change too fast, take off too early.Before going to bed at night, multi-purpose hot water bubble feet, for warm feet, promote blood circulation, great benefits.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the newly born buds are the gathering of vitality. Before and after qingming festival, eat more green sprouts consciously!Mung bean sprouts benefits: Clear heat and detoxification: the spring climate is dry, easy to appear dry mouth mouth mouth dry lips and other symptoms of keratitis, and bean sprouts taste delicious, is a good choice for nourishing and moistening dryness, clear heat and detoxification.Liver and stomach: from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, eating bean sprouts in spring can help the five zang organs from winter storage to spring, which is conducive to liver qi dredge, spleen and stomach.Recommended eating method: there are many ways to eat bean sprouts, can be blanched after cold, can also do soup, can also be used to rinse hot pot.Pea seedling benefits supplement nutrition: pea seedling feeding parts are tender shoots and young leaves, nutritious, containing a variety of essential amino acids.Heat and detoxification: pea seedlings are small, but the value of dietary health is great, not only can heat and detoxification, supplement the body needs a variety of vitamins, but also beauty.Regulating blood pressure: Bean sprouts are rich in potassium and phosphorus, which is essential for maintaining muscle operation and regulating blood pressure.There are many ways to eat bean sprouts. Here we recommend crabmeat and bean sprouts.Garlic sprout benefits: anti-cancer, the antioxidant content of sprouted garlic is higher than that of fresh garlic, and reaches the peak on the fifth day after germination, so it has better anti-cancer, anti-aging effect.Elimination of food: the spicy garlic sprouts mainly from its containing spicy element, this spicy element has the effect of elimination of food accumulation.Prevention of thrombosis: Garlic sprouts have a certain protective effect on the heart and cerebrovascular, can prevent the formation of thrombosis, but also protect the liver.It can be eaten as a stir-fry or as an auxiliary ingredient.Asparagus benefits: diuretic discharge: Asparagus has diuretic effect, can help the human body to discharge excess water, relieve abdominal distension discomfort.Control blood pressure: asparagus contains more inorganic salts and vitamins, which are beneficial to edema and hypertension due to its higher potassium content.Anti-aging: asparagus is rich in flavonoids, which has anti-oxidation effect and good anti-aging effect.Recommended cooking methods are stir-fry or salad after blanching.