“New Year walk grassroots” to send “blessing” to send peace to send culture to the front line

2022-06-07 0 By

China Youth Network Beijing January 30 (reporter Han Yu correspondent Li Feng) Spring Festival will come, China railway Jinan west machinery depot trade union organized section of talent group calligraphy enthusiasts into the workshop team, staff canteen, driving apartment and single dormitory, to carry out “blessing” to send peace, send culture to the front line activities.The scene of the activity, thick fragrance, tender feeling.Calligraphers wrote Spring Festival couplets with their hearts, sending New Year’s greetings to railway workers on the front lines of the Spring Festival travel rush.They also combined with on-site work, on-site improvisation, the railway Spring Festival work theme into the Spring Festival couplets, a “people enjoy the line, the flow of goods” good wishes written on paper, the heartfelt wishes in ink.As the End of the Year approaches, festive Spring Festival couplets and auspicious “fu”, full of the desire to meet a better life together, are the most popular cultural gifts.During the lunch break, while appreciating the unique charm of calligraphy, while discussing the cultural implications of Spring Festival couplets, and orderly selecting their favorite Spring Festival couplets.It is reported that the activity focuses on writing, door-to-door blessing, so that we do not have to go out, welcome the new to receive blessing on the post, feel care and warmth.Entering the critical moment of railway transportation production during the Spring Festival, Jinan West locomotive Depot takes “Writing Spring Festival couplets”, “sending Spring Festival couplets” and “sticking Spring Festival couplets” as the carrier, so that employees can feel the charm of traditional culture at the same time, and enhance the forging strength of courage and dedication during the Spring Festival.(Source: China Youth Network)