Lakers vs. Hawks: Can Westbrook ride a solo savior?

2022-06-07 0 By

James will miss his third straight game with a sore left knee against Atlanta in the final game of the lakers’ six-game eastern Conference trip, while Brandon Rodriguez (sore right wrist) and Malik Monk (sore groin) are questionable.Westbrook had his best game of the season against the Hornets despite missing Jamie Jamey, scoring 30 points in the second half, including 11 of his team’s final 13 points.Westbrook is averaging 22.4 points and shooting 53.6 percent from the field in his last five games since he was thrown out of action against the Pacers.But westbrook’s lack of consistency has been an issue. Can he continue to play well against Atlanta, which has won six straight games?Thanks to an explosive fourth quarter, Atlanta swept Boston by 16 points for its sixth straight win and moved into 10th place in the Eastern Conference, one and a half games behind the eighth-place Toronto raptors.8 of the game trevor – Yang 25 performance is not good, although he is the last time a wave ShouGong, but the team is able to and rival battleground in the end, the achievement of the other players are not small, Collins although complain of the shortness of scenes but also r. r. industry industry scored 21 + 9 + 4 blocks, fall into the substitute of bogurda Norwich scored 19 points,Danilo Gallinari made five shots for 14 points, and the Hawks have had a bad season but a good one.The lakers fell to ninth place in the Western Conference with two straight losses.The Hawks, who have won six straight and are 10th in the Eastern Conference, seem to be on the rebound.This game under normal circumstances, the Hawks should dominate, but Trey Young also suffered injury tomorrow is doubtful.If young doesn’t play, the lakers have a chance to win.Although James is still out, westbrook’s role as the boss has proved to be a threat.However, the lakers have some complicated injuries, including Bryant, Monk, are uncertain factors, it is this uncertainty, maybe the Lakers can bring everyone a surprise.Look for the Lakers on this one.View: Lakers +8.5