How to clean the pig heart?

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Pig heart is the heart of the pig, rich in nutritional value, diverse practices, can be stir-fried, stew soup, etc., by many friends welcome.But the pig heart must be cleaned before cooking.Pig heart to do the following four points can be treated clean: 1. Treatment surface can be fully cleaned on the outside of the pig heart first, the surface treatment is clean.If the pig heart is difficult to handle, you can put the pig heart in flour for a little roll, and then let it rest for an hour or so, and then clean it again, so that after cooking, you can make the pig heart taste very delicious.2. After cleaning the surface of the internal blood stasis of the pig heart, the internal blood stasis of the pig heart can also be cleaned, and then remove the impurities of the white tendons in the pig heart.The pig heart can be cut open, cut into two pieces, and then processed and cleaned.The specific method is to use a knife along the pig heart of the large blood vessels cut to the bottom, will find a lot of blood clots inside the pig heart, at this time you can put those blood vessels are cut through, and then remove the blood clots inside, and then clean with water.If some pig heart bleed is not clean, also need to use scissors to cut open rinse.3. Remove the smell of pig heart Fresh pig heart, myocardium is red or light red, fat is milky white or slightly reddish, myocardium is firm and elastic.After cleaning the surface and internal stasis of the pig heart, if you still feel uneasy, you can also blanch the pig heart with aniseed, which can completely remove the smell of the pig heart.4. Frozen treatment Clean fresh pig heart can not be stored for a long time, it is best to eat within 1-2 days.If a pig’s heart needs to be stored for a long time, it can be frozen.After cleaning the pig heart, cut it into pieces, silk or pieces with a knife, and stir it evenly with a little cooking wine. Then wrap it in small packages with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for freezing treatment.(Material from the network, for reference only, delete)