Top of the league!Trey Young had 43 points to end Phoenix’s 11-game winning streak, Booker 32 points and Paul 18+12

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On February 4, Beijing time, the Hawks beat the SUNS 124-115 at home, ending their 11-game winning streak.Trey Young scored 43 points, 18 in the third quarter!At the end of the first half, the Hawks led by three points, the second half consolidated the lead, and went on to win.Collins is out with a late injury.Paul finished with 18 points and 12 assists, while Booker scored 32 points.SUNS: Booker 32 points, Chris Paul 18 points 12 assists 3 steals, Bridges 24 points 8 rebounds, Crowder 10 points, Ayton 6 points 9 rebounds, McGee 12 points, Johnson 13 points 8 reboundsYoung had 43 points and five assists, Holt had 19 points, Collins had 19 points and 10 rebounds, Hunter had 13 points, Capela had six points and 12 rebounds, Danilo Gallinari had 12 points, and Bogdanovic had 11. Star of the game: Trey Young had 43 points, scoring 18 in the third quarter to lead the Hawks to an end to the SUNS ’11-game winning streak.In the first quarter, Bridges scored four straight points, Collins hit a hook, Booker hit a basket and Ayton missed the basket to start an 8-2 SUNS run.Trey Young scored five straight points and Collins hit a 3-pointer to tie the hawks with phoenix.Booker hit back-to-back shots, Capela and Ayton missed for dunks, Johnson hit two 3-pointers, and Bogdanovic returned the favor from the outside.Danilo Gallinari scored four straight points to give the Hawks a 32-30 lead in the first quarter, with Booker and Young scoring 10 apiece.McGee’s 2-and-1 dunk, Bridges’ layup and Holt’s four consecutive 3-pointers in 2 1/2 minutes gave the Hawks an eight-point lead.Paul makes a floater, Ayton makes an aerial catch.Hunter hit a 3-pointer, Johnson hit a 3-pointer, and Paul made a layup to cut the SUNS lead to three.The Hawks shut the SUNS down with a 6-0 run.Paul scored from the basket, Collins hit a 3-pointer, Booker made it 2-1, Paul, Bridges hit a 3-pointer, Collins dunked.The hawks led 64-61 at halftime.Paul had 13 points, three rebounds and seven assists for the SUNS, Booker 13 points, Young 16 points and three assists for the Hawks, Hunter 12 points, Holt 12 points and Collins 10 points in the first half.Bridges scored seven straight points and Young hit a 3-pointer after a 3-pointer.Hurter made a floater and Bridges made a jumper.Collins, Bogdanovic and Holt hit three in a row to give the Hawks a nine-point lead.Bridges, Paul hit shots, McGee missed a dunk, Bogdanovic hit another three.Young burst for 12 straight points, Bridges scored on a 3-pointer by Booker.Young scored 18 points for the hawks, who led 100-91 after three quarters.Bogdanovic made a layup and Helter made a 3-pointer in the final quarter to push the Hawks to 14 points.McGee had an empty dunk, Bridges had a 3-pointer and Crowder had a 3-pointer.A 7-0 run by the SUNS cut the lead to seven.Young scored on a floater, Booker hit a layup and Collins dunked two straight layups.The Hawks still lead by 11.Claude, Booker scored one after another, Gallinari hit three points, Collins after scoring injury retreat.Johnson scored four points in a row to cut the deficit to six.Young hit a 3-pointer, Booker hit a layup, young hit a layup, and the Hawks beat the Phoenix SUNS at home, ending their 11-game winning streak.SUNS: Paul, Booker, Bridges, Crowder, Ayton Hawks: Trey Young, Holt, Hunter, Collins, Capela