The one-child family is blessed with three subsidies and three welfare benefits

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Article: The entry of The year 2022 means that the first batch of post-00s have reached the legal age of marriage, and the post-90s have become the main force of marriage and childbirth.Born under the family planning policy, most of them are the only child. Now, when they become the mainstay of the family, they find that the social competition and life pressure are great, and they wish to have more brothers and sisters to help them share the burden.For those families who initially responded to the country’s one-child policy, the policy stipulates that as long as they meet the requirements, they can receive three subsidies and enjoy three welfare policies.As is known to all, the one-child pressure big, this is a very real problem, under the policy of family planning in the past, each family can only have one, then after some children reach adulthood job will be a problem – empty-nesters, if children around work well, but some children would choose to develop a better place to work, then the problem of supporting the elderly.In addition, if the only child in a “shidu” family dies or loses labor force due to an accident, it will undoubtedly bring disaster to the whole family. For the parents, they will not only have no children to support them in the future, but also face economic and psychological double pressure.At present, most of the people getting married are only children in the family planning stage, which means that if both couples are only children, they not only have to support four elderly people, but also have to raise their children, which is also the economic pressure many one-child families face in reality.Nowadays, many young people’s jobs are mostly 4000-6000 yuan, and they have to pay the mortgage, car loan, living expenses, raising children and raising the elderly every month, and there is almost no extra income left for them to control. Therefore, the pressure on the only child is very huge at present.Due to the aging society and other problems, people are encouraged to have a second or third child. Many people who have the conditions also begin to respond to the policy, but more people still choose to have only one child, because they have to consider the problem of raising children.In cases where both couples are only children, pensioners can take care of one child, but with more children, the ultimate burden falls on the younger generation.In order to solve the pension problem for families with only one child, various policies encourage children to live with their parents. For example, pensions can now be collected in different places and medical insurance can be used in multiple cities.In addition, for families with only one child, the pension for the elderly has also been increased by a certain amount, about 5% or 10% of the original amount.In addition to these, more practical is the withdrawal of the only child support policy, three welfare, three subsidies has been announced.At present, if you want to receive relevant subsidies and enjoy welfare policies, you must first meet several conditions. First, the most basic one must be the only child; second, the recipients are mainly targeted at the only child before January 1, 2016; third, you must hold the only child honor card to obtain relevant welfare support.So what is the specific content of the only child subsidy?The first is the three subsidies, which have different requirements and forms in different provinces.The first is the one-time subsidy, which ranges from 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan for parents of only children according to different regulations.Next is the monthly subsidy, from the only child to get a certificate to a certain age, monthly subsidy is not less than 10 yuan, as for the specific amount of each place is not the same;The third is special subsidy. In families with only child, if the only child loses the labor force unexpectedly or dies, and the parents no longer bear children or do not take care of the child, they can apply for subsidy to the relevant departments.However, this subsidy is to only after the parents of the only child to meet the conditions of normal retirement to get, the amount is different according to standards and policies around the country, thousands or tens of thousands of yuan, the setting of this subsidy is mainly to ease the economic and life pressure of the only child family.In addition, the only child has three major welfare, the first is nursing leave, if need to take care of sick old people, then the only child can apply for nursing leave, according to the provisions of the normal salary during this period, for example, according to the new policy in Yunnan, the local only child can enjoy 20 days of paid nursing leave every year.The second is related to individual income tax. If the salary is more than 5,000 yuan, according to the policy, they can be exempted from 2,000 yuan of individual income tax.Finally, only children can enjoy the extra points policy, but not all only children can enjoy it, depending on the local regulations.Although relevant departments have announced some policies on one-child welfare, the implementation of the policies by different provinces will be adjusted according to local conditions.If you are an only child and meet the above requirements, you can apply for the only child benefit.Before that, Liaoning province announced four treatment standards for parents of only one child in 2022. In the article, couples with household registration in Liaoning province who voluntarily have only one child before January 1, 2016 and hold the honor Certificate for Parents of only one child can enjoy the reward treatment for parents of only one child.From the perspective of current situation, the treatment of parents with only child in Liaoning province is above the average level in the country, and the treatment of only child has a wider range of rewards, and the standard has also been improved.With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life in recent years, more attention has been paid to the elderly living alone. A series of policies are also alleviating the pressure of the elderly in the one-child family to their children.The state also plans to fund the construction of nursing homes where people aged 70 and above, parents of shidu bereaved families and those with physical disabilities can live free of charge.While other old people are to take the principle of moderation, to a certain extent to reduce the only child family old age pension problem.At present, China’s population has shown an aging trend, and the future population situation is grim. In addition to improving welfare subsidies for families with only one child, policies such as cash subsidies and house purchase subsidies are also encouraging families to have two and three children.Some families with only children are also considering finding a partner for their child, but it depends on their own situation whether they can afford to raise two or three children.