How many young people are “cloud fortune-telling” harvesting?

2022-06-06 0 By

How much do young people love traditional culture?Wear hanfu, listen to crosstalk, write calligraphy, fans of Beijing Opera, play tea art some people even obsessed with divination, including the network “cloud fortune-telling” among young people spread a mantra: “big things ask eight characters, small things ask taro, nothing ask constellation.”In one mobile app market, there are more than 200 numerology apps;An online survey shows that 62 percent of young people under 30 have participated in some form of fortune-telling.At the end of every year, some young people take to social media to read their palms, divination, astrology and tower compass in order to achieve academic success, get out of a single life, get promoted and pay rises in the New Year.But “transshipment” is also a “expensive” business, some people in the small program to pay dozens of yuan, check their emotional fortune, financial fortune;Some people send birthday eight character and face photo to “master”, listen to two minutes to spend more than 200 yuan;Someone spent 588 yuan to find a 1500 words or so fleeting fortune;Some people spend nearly a thousand yuan to get “wish bracelet” “career bracelet”…And so on.This generation of young people is supposed to be better educated and have a more rational understanding of the unknown than their elders, but why are they hooked on cloud fortune-telling?This has to do with the “anxiety mentality” of young people.Young people are “fresh out of the gate”, but their social experience is too young to adapt to the new pace of life and interpersonal relationships.In the face of academic, career, money, love and other pressure, will produce anxiety, sometimes will be lost and flustered.This kind of emotion is also a normal phenomenon.They need inner comfort and spiritual support to relieve stress and build motivation.But today’s young people, some are struggling in a foreign land, are not willing to communicate with their relatives and friends about these problems, and some are not willing to consult professionals to solve their doubts, so they turn to the Internet to seek a sense of certainty and security through “cloud fortune-telling”.This demand has been exploited by some online fortune-telling platforms or “masters” as a means of collecting money and making profits.”Your question mark about fate is my chance to get rich.”They have no formal training and are not registered psychological consultants, but use big data combined with numerology, plus traditional jianghu routines to provide “emotional value”, harvesting the “leek” of young people.Their favorite tactic is to use ambiguity, which covers both sides of the spectrum but does not give absolute judgements, such as, “Sometimes you are very outgoing and social, and other times you are reserved and quiet.””You believe in love, but doubt you’ll ever find it.”Such “correct nonsense” will give cloud tellers self-confirmation, self-reassurance and self-affirmation.In the eyes of fortune-telling platforms and gurus, what matters most is that the fortune-telling fees and the money spent on “transshipment” products go into their own pockets.Cloud fortune-telling is essentially pseudoscience and superstition in the guise of the Internet.When an individual’s name, birthday, address, workplace and face information are leaked, it may also be used by criminals, fraud and other illegal criminal activities.Relevant departments should strengthen supervision of “cloud fortune-telling” disorder, and severely crack down on the behavior that infringes on consumers’ interests, so that young people do not lose money and get “heartbreak”.As the old saying goes, “Do what you can, do what you can.”A good life cannot be achieved by someone else’s “mouth blossom”, but by “doing your best”.If you want to lose weight, exercise.If you want good grades, study hard;Expand your social network if you want to get rid of a single person sooner rather than come in with a lucky break.What can really lift the cloud is our courage to face the difficulties, our unremitting efforts and perseverance. We can survive the winter and finally usher in spring.Have you ever had your fortune told in the cloud?Come to the comment area to talk about the source: comprehensive from CCTV network, fraud prevention big data, Yunnan Communist Youth League