Do you know the story of the scholar and the cat?Why do the good not live long?

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Know this sad news, with love pet gentleman I sigh.Why does this happen to good people?Why do good people do so well and still there are black snide.The scholar’s story is that he began by rescuing the first stray cat.We all know this kind of love, have the first to know that in this world, can fall in love with a cat is also a kind of lucky.He went from the first rescue to the second…Before you know it, his bookstore is full of stray cats!And this aid persistence has unconsciously passed nearly a decade.In the early morning of February 15, Wu Xuefeng, known by Internet users as “cat scholar”, died of late-stage liver cancer.Some people said: why he did not actively treatment.In fact, his adoption of more than 100 cats is already a huge expense.The upright and kind-hearted scholar never accepted donations from others because he helped himself.What about his failing bookstore business?Pet owners have always respected booksellers and pet owners.Such people have feelings and plots.He wanted to maintain a stable life for his cats, and he joined the livestream platform to share his reading experience at first, but later hoped to sell some pet items.But, you know, the rumors never stopped before he died.Someone said: relying on the pet show to sell books…Some people say: really love also put that live, said not to make money who letter ………………If this time does not need to eat and drink to maintain life, I believe that the world will be more pure, life will be more simple!Until death, the scholar is still live broadcast, and there are always few live broadcast rooms.It is really a strange phenomenon, chattering hypocritical broadcast room but popular, serious is this result.He may have finally succumbed and died in Beijing Haidian Hospital.Perhaps with the cat the countless times of life and death will make his heart soft, but almost harsh to their own.He wrote a suicide note and donated his body for medical use.It’s hard to be good, and it’s even more valuable to be good all the time.But the world is harsh, good people do 99 good things, there is a bad thing is bad, bad people have been doing bad things, occasionally did a good thing, it is impressive.After his death, his wife continued to take care of the cats. I don’t know how the crowdfunding went, but the scholar did die!Really, I just hope this world can give good people more care and luck ~