“Why do you call me names when you quarrel?”Sally sharps on DYU infighting, and the new one becomes a victim

2022-06-05 0 By

Recently, the very famous league of Legends anchor team DYU members day Grey and the pattern of internal strife caused a lot of people to watch.Interestingly, the whole thing started as a private matter between the two anchors.But I don’t know why, with the fermentation of this matter, more and more people are innocent.Among them, former LPL professional player Shinichi has become the biggest victim.This refers to the classic phrase, “Why do you scold me when you quarrel?”So what’s the whole story?That day is valentine’s Day, the day gray ex-girlfriend found pattern let pattern change ID hanging name.However, the pattern did not know that day gray had broken up with her, plus day gray’s former girlfriend is the pattern of 7 people, so did not refuse her.But did not expect that this thing to day gray fans with room management know, they have gone to the pattern of the broadcast room to say, meaning pattern “green” day gray.At the same time, until I know this thing day gray gray did not dissuade his good brother, but waiting for the fermentation of the whole thing.So, after this thing is getting worse and worse, the pattern can not sit still gradually, directly find day gray to clarify this matter.Perhaps not wanting to see his friends argue, former LPL pro Shinichi tried to persuade them when Pattern and Tengrui argued.But unexpectedly, when the new one joined the “war”, the female room management of the day gray gave a new wechat, said the day gray behind look down on the new one.And when the new one learned of this thing after they want to find a day gray to prove, but perhaps because the new one is too tight, day Gray directly said that not a person feel a new dish, but all DYU people feel a new dish.It is this sentence that directly makes xinyi almost shut down.And in the exposure of the new one, day gray completely fly, not only “back stab” their own good brother pattern, but also suggests that stone page and female room management have an affair.Perhaps because of the disturbance is too big, the platform official finally came forward to stop this matter.But even so, the original good intentions of the new one has become the biggest victim of this incident.But it’s worth noting that, perhaps because of the fuss, Sari, a league of Legends anchor on Tigress Live, also learned about it.And even more interesting, Sally and Shinichi are actually good friends.After learning that Shinichi was being bullied, Sari said on the air, “I already know what they are like. The woman who sleeps with her brother is real.”I have to say, that’s a pretty high-handed comment from Sally.Finally, what do you think about it?