Those born in the 60s and 70s are the least happy in their lives after the age of 50

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01 Do you live happily?Are you happy?Are you hopeful about the future?This is the typical “three questions of happiness”.If you had to answer these three questions, how would you answer them?I believe that 99 percent of people will say that their lives are not happy enough, nor happy enough.For the future, don’t say hope, perhaps only despair.Why does this happen?In two words, life.In two words, it’s life.In front of life, no matter who, all need low noble head.In the face of reality, no matter how skilled you are, you can’t change the reality.In this way, we can only accept the unchangeable life.In the movie The Grandmaster, the middle-aged IP Man said, “I have seen the mountains, and found that the saddest thing is life.When one reaches a certain age, one sees through the realities of life.Gradually, we too become less happy, full of pain, full of worry.When it comes to “unhappiness”, in fact, the people who feel it the most are those born in the 60s and 70s.The unhappiest time of both generations actually began after the age of 50.The aging generation of the 1960s and 1970s is stuck at a “critical” point in time.We often say that one cannot live without The Times, and one can only develop with the trend of The Times.Whether they are born in the 1960s or 1970s, they will face an era of extreme abundance and competition, not an era of material scarcity.The internal volume is constantly developing, and the internal friction is constantly continuing.At this time, we will gradually feel the pain.Especially the frequent occurrence of material contradictions, which will make people see the wood for the trees and live no longer happy.Take “work” as an example, the post-60s and post-70s generation will eventually face the helpless result of “early retirement”.Early retirement here is not their own initiative to retire early, but can not find a job, have to retire.This is what we often call a midlife career crisis.If you have an iron rice bowl, you’re ok.In reality, too few people have permanent rice bowls.Most people’s rice bowls are easily broken at a touch.When you lose your job, you lose your income stream, and all the conflicts and crises that follow.What do you do when your child tells you he’s going to get married or buy a house or a car?There’s nothing you can do but bite the bullet and pull out the last of your savings to help your child.When we turn 50, we tend to stop focusing on ourselves and focus on our children or the elderly.So how can we live a happy life?0360 and 70 generation of misfortune, from the age of 50.Generally speaking, middle-aged and elderly people in this era are faced with the following three crises.Crisis one: social elimination crisis.There is a saying that is very realistic, when the society eliminated you, perhaps a word will not say to you.When we’re young, we think of elimination as a trivial matter.As long as they have energy, have ambition, that must have a comeback that day.But, with the growth of years, we have no energy, but no previous ambition.At this time, we will be ruthlessly eliminated by The Times, even a little turning room have no.It is indeed a misfortune to be eliminated at the most difficult time of life.Crisis two: family crisis.Have you ever felt that after the midlife crisis, the family crisis is gradually emerging.The relationship between husband and wife is getting worse and worse, the parent-child relationship is getting worse and worse, and there seems to be more estrangement between family members, but less intimacy.Why does this conflict arise?Fundamentally, it is the conflict between “material” and “emotion”.When material things fail to meet emotional needs, conflicts emerge one after another.Crisis three: pension crisis.In this era, no matter what we do, it is impossible to ignore such a point, that is “pension”.The post-60s, who are approaching 60, are experiencing the life of “retirement”.The post-70s, who are in their fifties, are facing a huge crisis in supporting their parents as well as themselves.And they have no money for their old age.What’s more, children can’t even raise themselves, but also need their parents to help the poor.So how can they live happily?Many people will say, what should we do when we are facing the unhappiest life after the age of 50?To borrow a word from the Book of Songs, always say that you deserve your fate and seek more blessings.We always need to examine ourselves, to be self-aware, not to think too highly of ourselves, and not to underestimate ourselves too much.Only by looking at ourselves can we have our blessings.The reason why we are unhappy in life is that we do more than we can do.For example, if a child needs to get married, buy a car or buy a house, then you can’t afford to buy one.So why do you force yourself?Don’t force it, don’t force it.For example, they can only earn ten thousand yuan a month, so why should we envy others a hundred thousand yuan a month?People, only know how to contentment, to achieve happiness.Whether they are born in the 60s or 70s, their blessings do not fall from the sky. They have to be found by themselves.Cherish the present life, cherish the present time.Do things to comply with, the future does not meet, then not miscellaneous, neither love.That’s enough.There are deer in Shu Mountain