Rules for men’s single Skeleton Bobsled at 2022 Winter Olympic Games

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The skeleton bobsled competition was held at the National Bobsled Center in Yanqing. There were two gold MEDALS in total.Rules for men’s single Skeleton bobsled at 2022 Winter Olympic Games: 1. At the start of the race, competitors should place one steel blade in the ice groove hook and finish the start within 30 seconds when the signal light comes on.2, one hand to help the car, after the run-up to accelerate, and then quickly jump the car, in a prone position forward.3. If you drop a snowmobile midway, you can continue to start up again.4. When the athlete slides to the finish line, the body must be on the car before the race is completed.A total of 4 rounds of competition, according to the final results of the ranking.