Passengers suddenly ill, station staged life-and-death rescue

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“There is a sudden heart attack passenger in car 7 of C198 who needs to contact 120 ambulance”.On February 3rd, the C198 passenger train from Xi ‘an to Yulin was about to arrive at Zichang Station. Hou Bei, the passenger duty officer, received an urgent notice from the operation room.”Does this train only get to track four on platform two?”Hou Bei confirmed to the operation room immediately after receiving the notice and got a positive reply.She immediately dialled 120 and looked up at the time 16 minutes before the train arrived at the station.Zichang county is about 6 kilometers away from Zichang Railway Station. In order to save time, she arranged passengers to guide the passengers to the square in front of the station. Considering that 120 could not get on the platform and needed personnel to carry passengers from the train to 120, she immediately reported to the station master for support.In just two minutes, the station operation and rescue workers in the waiting room all arrived.After arriving at the station, wait for the train on the platform with the station emergency personnel in advance.The train stopped steady, we carefully passengers from the train lifted down, all around the hand to protect passengers, speed up, with the time race, with the shortest time passengers to 120, for the rescue of patients won the precious time.It is understood that the passenger is in stable condition in hospital and no life is in danger.Author: Wu Xingwen zhou Jiahui reporter Zhang Xu