“I want to make brothers with you” quietly started, relive the beautiful campus

2022-06-05 0 By

Seize the tail of a campus youth play quietly hit 2021, could not help but sigh liver six episodes, it is understood that the production team and “I don’t want make friend with you?” is the same people, also can be seen everywhere in the dream, directed scholar, youth campus drama, best director, no matter what the two play is enabled for a large number of new actors,He put his money where his mouth was, and although he was a rookie, he was not afraid to appear on camera, even amazing.Xin Yun, one of the stars of the play, had played “sadness into the river” in the film version of gu Senxi, with some acting experience in this play as the most important actor performance relaxation degree, the northeast temperament of gao Yang, the protagonist of the play, held just right.Chen yu d, the show’s popular actors, small make up originally knew that he was in the “double world bestowed favor”, although is also was born, but his body is sending out the light as an actor, had to attend a variety show, now that is also being criticized by Li Chengru don’t have to act, or do anything bad, now sounds like Mr Li to predict, Chen yu d to seize the opportunity,Make our eyes shine.Zhao Zhaoyi, first met in the net play the night bride, the new generation of actors, the little girl was born in 99 and has yet to shed the immature, who played the ghost elves Kim Bauer, who is clever temperament again she is playing in the play, in the play, he and his brother king do do get along mode is all in a net friend, funny, and with a real.I wonder if the show hit you?What are you waiting for? Come on!