How does cooking smoke blow away the appointment of the white head

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The big poplar in front of the door has experienced ten generations of ups and downs the distant sea has melted into countless vicissitudes, the sun, the moon and the stars are fickle, changing with each passing day deliberately adhere to, pioneering and innovative are in change to find a way out hand in hand crazy reading white head how to go?No quarrel, no quarrel, no quarrel, no quarrel, no quarrel, no quarrel, no quarrel is the easiest way to break up.Friends meet thousands of years to repair the edge of when lost in the road wind blowing three meals a day cooking smoke rising noisy chicken fly dog jump hurt no trace who said?With a lifetime for you a smile who again?Yell bloody murder a penny a word one breath forget a stuffed the snowball into another neck HuanQing forgot a forgot a his hand into his arms warm spring green, forget the autumn red forget the hot summer, forget the cold winter side, a siege cooling two hearts stuck the two men in front of big poplar has experienced ups and downs the distance ten generations of the sea to dissolve into the myriad things change,The little house under the trees of the sun, moon and stars once again fell into the love of the silent moon like night