Disdain disdain!Byeon sang-il, the highest chess battle, this way to deal with “AI winner division”?

2022-06-05 0 By

AI has changed the lives of many people.The original unknown li Changxi eight section, now has become South Korea’s top chess player.Lee Chang-seok, known as “AI winners and losers division” to AI naturally convinced.Lee Chang-seok challenged Byeon Sang-il, the top Korean go player, in the battle of the highest chess player in South Korea.Black seven, three low clip.After the white 8 and 10 fly, the black 13 and 15 do the same.Black 17 split in two, balanced feeling.Black 19 tip, found the overall balance.Black 27 to 33, all the way out.It can be seen that Li Changxi eight section of Bian Xiangyi nine are not cold.Black 35, all the way of difference, but can see a chess player’s accomplishment and ambition.AI thinks, black 35 should be high split 3.Of actual combat low tear down, explain Li Changxi petty gas, also do not have what confidence to own strength.The reason for saying so, because everyone can see black 1 high open the way.Lee Chang-seok must know that black 35 will not be liked by AI, but he chose to fall here.Because, clap at high he does not trust.Right away, right in the face.With black 35 in the low position, white 36,44 were all first.Black 71 small fly, can see li Changxi’s skills.Black 77 jump, both sides even.White 78,80, back and forth.These two moves, you can see bian Xiangyi nine section of “AI division” Li Changxi eight section of disdain.As a talented chess player, it is normal to have a deep disdain for players promoted by “opportunistic”.But Black 81 hit Byeon sang-il in the face.Bottom right, it’s not an absolute lead at all.To walk there at this time is just to walk a big official.In contrast, the black 81 in the upper right corner is the most important in the current situation, the “urgent field” in the big field.In an instant, the odds were reversed.AI believes that in the moment black 81 lost, black’s win rate directly increased to 53%!It seems that “AI winners and losers division” should not be looked down upon.You say that?