The Langfang Red Cross is helping the education system to fight the epidemic

2022-06-04 0 By

On the afternoon of March 29, zhi Ai Fu, a charitable enterprise affiliated to Langfang Huasen Group, once again donated disposable protective masks worth 600,000 yuan to langfang’s education system through the Red Cross society of Langfang, in order to further play the social responsibility of enterprises and help the prevention and control of the epidemic in the city’s education system.So far, Zhiaifu, a subsidiary of Langfang Huasen Group, has donated 1.3 million masks worth 1.3 million yuan to the city’s education system.The Red Cross society of Langfang expressed its heartfelt thanks to the enterprise for its loving action and extending a helping hand.As the Chinese saying goes, “Happiness, kindness, love, boundless”, with this caring enterprise’s care for education, united as one, fighting the epidemic together, we will surely achieve an overall victory in epidemic prevention and control.An official from langfang’s education bureau said, “The enterprise’s caring gesture shows its support for education. The bureau will properly distribute the masks and distribute them to relevant schools as soon as possible to provide a strong guarantee for epidemic prevention and control in the education system.”In this outbreak, Zhiaifu, a subsidiary of Langfang Huasen Group, and Langfang Antique City donated 1.6 million masks, with a total value of 1.6 million yuan.