On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, “Throw poor Day”, the time to welcome the Kitchen God, remember to eat broken luo, money will roll in

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National soccer team lost the game, to the Spring Festival, already didn’t how much fun added a sad mood, finally the tradition, and the New Year’s prayer and just hope life can be better and better, in a new hope, with a new wish, to pursue happiness of their respective, was originally a moment of celebration by the Spring Festival,The fourth day of the lunar New Year is also very special, called “send the poor day”, on this day, hope to send those haze away, welcome the hope of spring, in the future of every day.Face of kitchen in folk tradition, the day of the lunar month is the traditional in the busy, everybody busy ancestor worship and the heavens and the earth, twelfth month 20 was the day of the Chinese traditional off-year night, on that day people will sacrifice to the kitchen god, hope it’s time to go to heaven duty visit to the jade emperor, said some good things more, that day every household will also Fried this sweet food to the kitchen god,The mouth of the Kitchen God is like eating honey, and he only speaks auspicious words.The Kitchen God goes to heaven on duty in the twelfth lunar month. After the beginning of the year, he will return to the earth to continue to protect the people of this land.People is in year 4 this day to meet of kitchen home, everyone in this day will eat a food called “fold”, “discount” is a kind of braised vegetables, from New Year’s eve to junior, between the people will eat a lot of big fish big meat food, ancestor worship and of heaven and earth, have their own to eat, must eat mostly, in the day of welcome back to the kitchen god,The family must not waste food, it is necessary to eat the rest of the food during the day, in order to welcome back to the Kitchen God at night.The Kitchen God is in charge of the grain in the world and the kitchen fire in the home. Since ancient times, the Chinese people have stressed that “food is the most important thing for the people”. As long as there is no shortage of grain in the family, the people will live a good life.Five road without poor families, wealth will also roll in, people home food, that is, more wealth, the fourth day of the lunar New Year, not only to welcome the kitchen God home, but also to receive five road god of wealth home.Legend and expansions of earth at the time of creation, created chicken homonym, created a dog on the second day, the third day creates a pig, January 4 created the sheep, the fifth day creates a cow, so annual 4 this day is also called “sheep”, in the history of sheep, and then say “three Yang kaitai” is an auspicious day, throwing poor day, home kitchen,After abundant food and clothing, people will be rich, so the fourth day of the Chinese New Year also to meet the five god of wealth.Since the ancient times, Chinese people will pay attention to “there is companion come from afar, joy”, the guests from all directions, so you have to thank the five directions, north and south, east and west, to give yourself a chance to make so much money at home, and then slowly evolved into five rd a sacrifice to god of wealth, that is all for a good looking forward to life.Conclusion the goodness of life is to own struggle, has been determined oneself can have the belief to change life, never bow to difficulties, hard work and struggle, the more happiness the day of the sprint, the ancients in time and sacrifice, can feel himself in the struggle of the road, or living so tired, the team’s playing so smelly, you would have lost hope,The reason why there is no collapse, is because there is a belief in the heart will lead a good life in the support of the faith, to better life efforts.