Buying jump single threat intermediary?Intermediary explosion key evidence sitting xie Na scandal, Shen Teng had expected

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Gossip about the entertainment circle, besides emotional disputes, the most common is the money, in the year of the tiger YiKai years, zhang jie and uproot shayna because their sixty million mansions were involved in the wave of public opinion, and even threatened back intermediary reputation, so the couple is innocent implicated or it does?Next let’s see, in recently, uproot shayna zhang jie finally overwhelming pressure on both sides, with the lawyer letter to respond to all public opinion directly, but the sponsor of the event as if is not willing to just let go uproot shayna couple, then put out Mr H to uproot shayna zhang jie in the driver’s voice recording for this recording is true or not, we don’t know.On the afternoon of February 7, an employee claiming to be from a real estate company posted on a social media platform with his real name. He said that Xie Na and Zhang Jie thought the intermediary fee was too expensive when they bought a house in Shanghai. In order to save the money, they pretended to think about it and reached a deal with the owner privately, bypassing the intermediary.Bought sinan mansion east garden area 341 square 60 million mansion, from the legal point of view, Xie Na couple such operation seriously violated the interests of the real estate intermediary, and they in order to hide the matter, also specially to find a lawyer to pressure the real estate intermediary, ordered him not to expose this matter.But now it has passed more than two years, the mediation chose when suddenly rehash, also said he is going to rights by legal means, to zhang jie and uproot shayna prosecution, it also makes many people began to suspect that his heart, to this, the mediation also has carried on the response, said he is because infected epidemic, feel there is nothing good stumbles, and abroad at present,Do not worry about Zhang Jie, Xie Na’s lawyer warned, so dare to expose all this, and in order to prove the authenticity of their own narrative, the intermediary also posted a few photos of the house at that time, it is Zhang Jie and Xie Na two people.With the release of the house photos in those days, many people also on the intermediary narrative more than a few minutes to believe, seeing the evidence is now implemented, public opinion also fell to the intermediary side, Zhang Jie and Xie Na usually positive image really to be destroyed.In daily life, we buy a house is often through intermediaries, to communicate with buyer agents by between the buyer and the seller, eventually led to both sides of the transaction, and extract their remuneration, the so-called jump list, is refers to the buyer through intermediaries found in their house, but after contact buyers, choose to skip the mediation,There is no doubt that it is highly unethical to cut a deal with a buyer in order to save on broker fees.To this, many people also is very hard to believe that uproot shayna, zhang jie should not be such a big star to save this money to ride your own reputation, but that’s really not sure, after all, uproot shayna is notoriously “stingy”, entertainment and even Shen Teng earlier also had uncovered, too short, face to face and how did this thing?Is reportedly in Shen Teng birthday party at a time, when everyone is drunk, uproot shayna booked go out first, the second day of wine woke up, think of last night to help Shen Teng pay, immediately called Shen Teng passed now, giving then just remind also money, but I didn’t think uncle shen is probably drink fragment, there is no impression that too, money is not carried to uproot shayna is also very helpless,Since then, no matter what Shen Teng hair, uproot shayna only “is money” 2 words, and even then uproot shayna invite the program on Shen Teng, reportedly didn’t also give notice fee, this attitude seems to be really value money, makes Shen Teng also laughs uproot shayna was too stingy, therefore to uproot shayna, in order to save the commission jump list, also is not impossible.As a model husband and wife of the entertainment circle, zhang jie and uproot shayna have achieved good results in their respective areas, one is the pillar of Chinese music, one is the one in charge of host, but also a totally, over the years, almost no negative news broke, conjugal love couples is rare in the entertainment circle, so whether individual fans or CP powder,Both have high fan base, in the face of online public opinion, fans time nature also don’t want to believe, begin looking for evidence of innocence for their idols, and they have really found the problem, that is released in the mediation of chat records, some screenshot is very fuzzy, the edge of the dialog box also has the trace of batch, even can’t aligned,Another insider revealed that the agent went abroad not to avoid threats from Zhang Jie and Xie Na, but because he owed too much debt and finally hid abroad, which is commonly known as Lao Lai, which changed the situation.And according to the common sense, real estate intermediary company has a lot of, this suite will not hang in a company, so even if the present zhang jie didn’t go the agency, but also is likely to be using other intermediary companies to buy, so you can’t direct button on the run, about the truth of the matter, everything remains to be proven, currently about sixty million a person of extraordinary powers curtilage,Uproot shayna couples and intermediary personnel is clearly a sense, is still in the stage of mutual see-saw, have professional lawyer for analysis, said if the mediation is true, and mastered the detailed evidence, so zhang jie and uproot shayna losing possibility is very large, but if zhang jie, liweijia, xie side can prove chats P figure, so the situation will be reversed,So now just waiting to see who can come up with more powerful evidence to win the battle of public opinion, and once the single incident is true, then this thing is taboo, Zhang Jie, Xie Na couple’s birthday brings great impact, but if this is just a rumor of people with a heart, then I believe that the law will eventually give the most fair judgment.So let’s just wait and see how things play out?What do you think about that?Are you rooting for the Shaynas, or are you rooting for the agents?If you have any unique insights, please leave a comment in the comments section. 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