Are you 100% on the hidden elements of Nintendo games?

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Nintendo has been known for years as a hidden force in gaming.Not only do they like to hide from the publicity, but in many games they also like to throw in tons of hidden collectibles to keep us pleasantly surprised as we go on our adventures.Have you collected 100% of the hidden elements below?In the Mario series, these hidden rewards are largely one of the core pleasures of the game.The Odyssey is a world where moons are hidden in all sorts of strange places, yet everything makes perfect sense during play.Anyone who has played the game must have had the feeling that when you find a path, an abrupt shadow, or a suspicious object, you can explore and interact and find the moon.This intuitive reward gives us an “I told you so!A sense of accomplishment.With the exception of Odyssey, virtually every malio game in the past has had plenty of hidden rewards.From New Super Horse Brother U to Super Horse 3D World to Origami King, if it’s a Mario game, you’re sure to find some hidden elements!Chinobio Captain Chinobio itself is about finding things.It’s the opposite of the “hidden element” of many games, where gems are not hidden, but directly visible to the naked eye.What we want to do is in a different style of miniature scenes, using a variety of clever mechanisms to let Chinobio shuttle from floor to floor, find the target gem.In addition to collecting gems for the “main” mission, a pixelated Chinobio is hidden in each level.Because it’s so small, it’s always hidden in some incredible places.Some are in the gap between two rocks, some may be right in front of us but blocked, and some need to reach a specific location to be seen.Although every scene in the game is very small, Ren has no problem hiding things.Some of the levels even had to rummage through this area for a long time, while Shouting, “Nintendo, you hide, you hide too well!”Luigi not only has hidden elements in his brother’s game, but also has rich hidden contents in his brother’s Luigi Pavilion.And because of the “haunted house” theme play, let this game hidden elements of the extra much.Each floor in the game has hidden gems that can be found and collected by exploring and observing and using a weapon called a “vacuum cleaner” to suck hard.Each floor of the gem collection will also receive the corresponding achievements.On top of that, there are tons of hidden elements in the game that don’t count.With a vacuum cleaner in our hands, we can interact with almost any object in the scene.From fluttering curtains to leaky cabinets, we can always find a surprise reward behind these suspicious objects!Zelda: Haha, I’ve been discovered!I’m sure no helaru rascal could resist the temptation!There are 900 of them in Breath of the Wild. The team’s intention is not to let everyone find them all, but to let players find a little surprise wherever they go, so that they won’t feel lonely.As a result, the whole collection ah ha ha became a lot of friends in the interest of the wilderness of the ultimate purpose of [his face] every ah ha ha, always full of variables, some need to limit through the halo, sometimes lifted a rock to find, while others need to move the stone to a specific location, should be the most painful is shoot the balloon, the old waste a heap of arrows the shots also…In old Zelda games, there were a lot of hidden elements.But these rewards for hidden tasks, hidden paths, are often pieces of the heart.In addition, some of the tasks are not only difficult and boring to play for a long time, it is really not as easy and happy as exploring the mountains and rivers while looking for haha. Mitthrude is also famous for hiding in Ren’s games.And this game is not only like to hide props, even the main level of the road to be hidden!And hiding the main path is not the only thing that happened in the NS five generations of Mitrod’s Survival Fear, every one from generation one to generation five has done this!It’s hard to know where to go next without shooting at walls and ceilings.The road is so hidden, props are hidden in all sorts of weird places.But design map, and other games to let players only suitable to progress to get props, mitterrand rhode encourages players to relax ourselves, not to be affected by the inherent thinking, using all the feasible operation, as long as the player enough malicious, can harvest a lot of hidden upgrades ahead of time or capacity, about to take off!Since the introduction of Z-cell collection in Pokemon Sun and Moon for 3DS, this collection element has been carried over into subsequent games.In Both Sword and Shield DLC, gophers are found, with the former being rewarded for finding a certain number of gophers, while in the latter, gophers are given a chance to increase the number of gophers in gophers (the number of gophers in Gophers is unlimited and does not count as collectibles).In the latest alzeus, it’s collecting fire.There are a total of 108 fires distributed in various maps, and only after collecting all of them can you capture the flower rock monster (ghost pot), and it is the only one in the game, comparable to the existence of a god beast.Because of this, want to collect the whole atlas catch Alzeus, collect the map on the 108 remote fire is around the past.Of course, the location of the flame is still very easy to find, especially after gaining the ability to fly in the late game, it can be collected by flying around the map at night.What are some of the games that have been completely collected and squeezed dry?