Agricultural Development Group: accurately supervised and helped build jinping new rural community model project

2022-06-04 0 By

In order to give full play to the role of discipline inspection and supervision organs in supervising and ensuring implementation, and further strengthen the safety and quality defense line of key engineering projects under construction of the Group, recently, Agricultural Development Group Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Chao Xiangkun led a team to jinping new rural community project site for supervision and inspection.The person in charge of the project reported the progress of the construction project under construction, focusing on the current problems and integrity risks, and introduced specific measures and methods from the aspects of project bidding, integrity risk prevention and control, and safety measures prevention.The inspection team listened to the report carefully, combined with the engineering construction field prone to multiple problems, to further standardize the project bidding, strengthen honesty and self-discipline, improve the archives management and other aspects of communication.Chao Xiangkun pointed out that jinping New rural community project is a large-scale infrastructure project contracted by the Group, which has the characteristics of large investment scale, wide areas involved, and heavy task of clean risk prevention and control.He emphasized that project construction units should strictly abide by national laws and regulations as well as various rules and regulations of the Group. In particular, they should promote project construction honestly and efficiently in the principle of openness, transparency and standard procedures in the bidding process.Second, we must always adhere to the bottom line of honesty and self-discipline and the red line of discipline and rules, take the collective decision-making system of “three times, one big” as an important measure to implement democratic centralism, and reduce the room for rent-seeking in the construction sector.Three is to continue to strengthen the level of archives management and material archiving awareness, the file management requirements into the project construction project management of each stage and link, improve the management mechanism, and strive to create high-quality engineering, safety engineering, clean engineering.(Chen Zhonghua)