A poem about a summer downpour

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1. A poem by Su Shi in the Song Dynasty describes the sudden rainstorm in Wanghu Building on June 27. Black clouds turned ink over the mountain, and white rain jumped beads into the ship.2. “The thunder car moved to the ground, the fire was bright, and the rain made the basin Angle.”This is the scene lu You saw on July 19 in summer, with lightning, thunder and storm.3. “River village into the summer thunderstorms, dawn for wild rain late sunny.”This is wei Zhuang wrote, “crazy rain” is a description of rainstorm.What are the sentences and paragraphs about rain?1 spring rain is the continuous drizzle, silent moistening all living things in nature, bamboo shoots drink full after the rain revealed his sharp little head;Summer rain is a violent storm, accompanied by black clouds and white lightning, always unexpected;Autumn rain is not as delicate as spring rain, nor as violent as summer rain, autumn rain has been quiet and lonely, autumn rain filar silk, accompanied by lonely lonely mind, drenching the melancholy in the mind of many people;Winter rain is cold, along with the oncoming wind, people feel biting cold, so that people are more eager for the arrival of spring and warmth.2 light rain, falling on the window burst out of the sound of ticking, people out of the umbrella have played a different color, rain fell on the umbrella and slide, in the air to draw a beautiful arc, like a silver needle thread;The rainstorm is swift and swift, the raindrops are as big as a pearl, as if the gods who live in the sky suddenly scattered the pearl necklace, its sudden arrival is always caught off guard, although the umbrella is not immune to be wet, clothing into a deep and shallow color.3. Every storm in summer is like a world war, with strong winds and dark clouds, accompanied by dense raindrops the size of beans like a waterfall pouring down from the sky.The rain fell to the ground, some into a small bubble, some splash bursts of water, like a small fountain.