“Praise for the song” the second season official announcement douyin musicians, Liu Shuang Wang Heye with hot songs to attack!

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The second season of Junlebao Best Organic Milk Powder “Praise for Song”, produced by Douyin and broadcast by Douyin and Zhejiang TV, jointly broadcast by Watermelon Video, Fresh Time TV, Toutiao, Douyin Volcano edition and Douyin Extreme Edition, is officially announced today. The lineup of Douyin musicians is deng Dian, DP Longzhu, Lambert, Liu Shuang, Sha Yiting and Wang Heye.As a new generation of musicians and music industry predecessors PK.What kind of stage will the six musicians bring to the show?In addition to watching the solo stage of the new generation of musicians, I am also looking forward to their cooperation stage with powerful singers.In the last season, Douyin musician Hu Mengzhou, Ma Yinyin’s “Tracing”, Yan Renren’s cappella “Good night”, etc., all let the audience see the strength and charm of the current musicians.Miriam Yeung, a former pop star, also made a splash with her song “Love of my Life”.Sit back and see what kind of musical resonance this season’s dark horse has with its predecessors.Let’s take a look at this season’s Douyin musicians.Wang, who has a recognizable voice, became known to Internet users last year with his retro Cantonese-style song The Wind Blows.At the age of 24, he has sung his life and his strength should not be underestimated.”Mohe dance hall” creator Liu Shuang also came, this time to the program will reprise has moved countless net friends “Mohe dance hall”, or will bring a new moving song?Wait for a wave.Will DP Dragon Pig come again with his hit song?After all, from “It’s All About You” to “The Wind Blows in the Summer,” they’ve made millions of fans.Lambert is a walking subwoofer, and his adaptation of “Got to Love” was once considered BGM by most Of Tiktok’s users, who wanted to see Lambert rap on the show.Deng Dian’s “swept off my feet” has caused the whole network to cover, look forward to “praise for the song” in the second season of the stage, hear Deng Dian “swept off my feet” big screen first sing.As a new rap star in 1998, Sha Yiting has strong rap strength and exudes orthodox charm. The original work “Breakfast breakfast” can hear the attitude of the new generation of musicians, who are not afraid of the present and full of hope for the future.Look forward to him rapping on stage.On the current music market, the music industry emerges in endlessly, which shows that the music industry is full of vitality.The program “Praise for Song” further boosts the thriving scene of Chinese music, providing more exposure opportunities for the new generation of musicians with the linkage mode of “large and small screens”, and letting the public know these musicians from a wider range.At the same time, it can also be seen that Douyin’s layout of the track for original musicians helps more musicians break the circle through the form of sound heald and delivers fresh energy to the music industry.Remember to search “Praise for Song” on Douyin every Saturday from 20:30 on April 9, and watch the second season of Junlebao Youcui Organic Milk powder “Praise for Song” jointly broadcast on Douyin and Zhejiang SATELLITE TV, watermelon Video, Fresh Time TV, Toutiao, Douyin Volcano edition and Douyin Extreme Edition.Let’s look forward to the performance of the new generation of musicians!