How about the lynk 01 long distance run?After reading this article, you will understand

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During the Spring Festival, I decided to rent a car instead of buying a train ticket because I had to take my pet home with me.Before renting a car, my target model was an SUV with strong power, large space and four-wheel drive system. At the same time, the appearance should not be too backward. After all, my relatives are watching what car I drive home during the Spring Festival.In the end, I found lynk 01 to be the perfect model that met my expectations. During the Whole Spring Festival, I also drove this lynk 01 for nearly 1000 kilometers. Now I would like to share with you my feelings of driving lynk 01 back to my hometown.The first thing I want to mention is the space of lynk 01.Some friends who go back to their hometown during the Spring Festival must have experienced it very well. Every time I go home during the Spring Festival, THERE are always big bags and small bags, and they are my belongings and New Year gifts for my family and relatives. In addition, I have two dogs to accompany me.Fortunately, the space of the Lynk 01 is very good. After the back seat is down, there is plenty of room in the trunk to easily fit my bag and my two other dogs, which I am glad to have room for.Although the LINker 01 is a compact SUV, its length, width and height respectively reach 4549/1860/1689mm, wheelbase reached 2734mm, so the space performance is really beyond expectations.In addition, driving their parents to visit relatives during the Spring Festival, they praised the seating space of the Lynk 01, which is much bigger than their own compact car.When driving long distances, the comfort of the seat is very important because the body will be in contact with the seat for a long time.Led g 01 adopted luxury sports seats, seat surface material choose Nubuck fur, has the characteristics of high permeability and durability, at the same time also strengthened the ride when the friction of the body, let the body is not easy to slide, the main driving seat also supports 12 to adjust, including four to waist adjustment, when running a long distance, the waist is artifact,Even if you drive for a long time, you won’t get back pain.The front seats of the LYNk 01 also support heating and ventilation functions. The seat heating can heat the seat cushion and back at the same time, making it very comfortable to use in winter.Lynk 01 also performs well in terms of power and sound insulation. It is equipped with drive-E 2.0TD+8AT luxury and efficient powertrain, European driving style adjusted chassis and handling stability, fast acceleration, stable braking, accurate turning, and isin 8-speed automatic transmission brings better fuel economy.At the same time, the LYNk 01 is also equipped with borgwarner 5th generation intelligent four-wheel drive system, which can realize the four-wheel drive power switch from 100:0 to 50:50 in 100 milliseconds, significantly improving the safety of the vehicle.Lynk 01 NVH level is also excellent, high-speed driving, in the car can feel very quiet environment, according to understanding, lynk 01 in the chassis above, from the structure, material material, layout and other aspects of adjustment, effectively from the source to reduce noise generation;At the same time, double laminated glass is also used above the window, which has a great effect on sound insulation and noise reduction.The engine compartment and the trunk are also covered with a lot of insulating cotton to absorb noise from other sources.Thanks to all the details, the Lynk01 has such a calm performance.Also, the LYNk 01 is very comprehensive in terms of configuration.Carrying the ACC adaptive cruise is very nice, as we all know, during the Spring Festival, high-speed returning inevitably encounter traffic jams on the road, the ACC adaptive cruise can be according to the vehicle speed automatic deceleration, and the domain model is to support the full speed, when stop-and-go traffic situations can also use, greatly alleviate the fatigue of the journey.In addition, on the intelligent driver assistance system, Link 01 is equipped with 20 automatic driver assistance systems, such as AEB active emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition, ACC adaptive cruise system with queuing function, BSD blind spot monitoring system, CVW vehicle fast approach warning system, etc., to protect your journey safely.Finally, in general, I have brought in this time g 01 return trip is very satisfactory, even there are reluctant to go, maybe I’ll really consider buying a led behind g 01, the car in the power, configuration, space, and so on many aspects are very good, with a phrase to describe, that is love, love,Hopefully I’ll have a LYNk 01 soon too.