Yuzuru Hanyu is scheduled to appear!He has an even bigger goal in mind as he officially begins his three-peat campaign

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Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu has been confirmed to compete in the 21st men’s short program at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Beijing Daily reported on Feb. 6.The men’s short program will be held on February 8 from 09:15 to 13:30.Yuzuru Hanyu is a Japanese figure skater who won gold MEDALS in men’s singles at the 2014 Sochi And 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.Before this, Yuzuru Hanyu did not come to Beijing with the Japanese delegation.Ongoing figure skating team competition, the Japanese team sent two men’s singles were Uno Masimo and Keyama Yuzhen.Yuzuru Hanyu, the gold medalist in men’s singles figure skating at sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018, will be seeking a third straight gold medal at the Beijing Games.Yuzuru Hanyu did not appear in public for a long time before the Beijing Olympics.Yuzuru Hanyu, 19, became the youngest gold medalist in 66 years after winning gold at the Sochi Winter Olympics, red Star News reported.In 2018, in Pyeongchang, South Korea, he achieved two consecutive victories in this event.Yuzuru Hanyu has had some ups and downs in recent years due to injuries, but she secured a ticket to the Beijing Winter Olympics after returning to the All Japan Figure skating Championships and Beijing Olympic Trials at the end of 2021.Yuzuru Hanyu told media earlier that his bigger goal is to complete the quadruple jump in the official competition, in addition to aiming for a triple crown.However, Some Japanese media reported that Hanyu’s coach Brian Orser would not be with him.In an interview with the media, he said he would not accompany Hanyu at the Beijing Olympics, saying it was his disciple’s decision.Yuzuru Hanyu also won the All Japan Figure skating Championships without her coach Brian Orser.In an interview with Japanese media at the end of January, Yuzuru Hanyu said that the quadruple jump (Axel quadruple jump) is linked to the triple Olympic title. “If you complete the quadruple jump and perform with zero mistakes, the triple title will come naturally.”Yuzuru Hanyu expressed her expectation for the Beijing Winter Olympics in a video released by the Japan Skating Federation on February 3, saying, “I will win in 4A in Beijing Winter Olympics.”The Daily Business News is a combination of Beijing Daily and Red Star News