Manchester United secured fourth place in the table with a 4-2 win in the Rose Derby and will need to push for fourth

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Manchester United play Leeds united in the 20201/22 Premier League on February 20.The two sides hand in hand to dedicate a wonderful game, write a wonderful Rose Derby together.United led by two goals in the first half but conceded a quick equaliser in the second half to snatch the three points with a late goal.United got three points to secure fourth place, but the pressure in the premier League is very high and united still need to improve.Game review: this game is a rain game, and the rain is not small.After the start of the game both sides of the scramble is very intense, coupled with the wet rain, both sides of the movement is relatively big.In the 12th minute Leeds defender David Koch was left with a head injury after a collision with United midfielder David McTominay.United took the lead in the 33rd minute from a corner kick when Maguire headed home.Sancho gave United a two-goal lead going into the break after a surprise attack in first-half stoppage time broke through the opposition defence.In the second half Leeds struck back, pressing united’s defence with a series of attacks.The 53rd minute, Leeds united from the left side of the high speed advance, 19 rodrigo like a non – pass to blow out the immortal ball, force Leeds united pull back 1 point.Just over a minute later, Leeds struck again, attacking down the right flank and being outflanked by Rafinha at the back of the line, Leeds equalised.If Ferguson had been watching, he might have uttered the famous phrase: “Damn football”.Leeds’ quick equaliser quickened the tempo and the game became more and more exciting.United took the lead again in the 69th minute when Fred shot home from a tight Angle from the right.Then United defended more and tried to keep the advantage to the end;Leeds united, on the other hand, continued to surge, albeit with less momentum than before.In the 88th minute, United were patient with a chance and substitute Elanga scored the winner.In the end, Manchester United managed to scrape through the away match.Leeds united 2-4 Manchester United snatched three points from a difficult away win to lift their total to 46 and secure fourth place in the table.With Arsenal and Tottenham both having played three games fewer than United, the gap between them is not that big and, in theory, the two sides could overtake United straight away.Overall, Manchester United’s fourth position is not secure and the competition is very tight.United are now down to two fronts, the premier League before the make-up matches have all played, the team’s schedule pressure is not great.There has been talk of internal disharmony at Manchester United, real or not, and the club needs to sort things out and maintain stability.All in all, United’s situation for fourth place is not bad, and internal stability is crucial.Leeds played with a lot of passion but still had some of the most defensive problems in the premier League and came back to equalise, only to concede three points.Leeds’ defeat at Manchester United left them with 23 points, not far ahead of the relegation zone.To sum up, Leeds are still in a tough position to avoid relegation, and need to try to win more points.