From the human body of N kinds of heavy flavor of scary creatures

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Before I had written such an article → heavy mouth: Guangdong A woman “thigh, Yin, muscle” full of parasites, all because of eating it!Many friends said after reading, to some heavier taste!Ok, to satisfy your curiosity, today we are going to make a plate of creepy creatures that have appeared in people’s bodies, and we are sure that each of them will make you vomit your breakfast…!High energy warning!!High energy warning!!High alert!Maggots are disgusting enough in a cesspool, but can you imagine them on a human?An old woman in her 90s went to the doctor because of an ear problem. The doctor found 57 maggots in her ear.Doctors said they had been living in her ears for more than three days and it was hard to say exactly how they came about.Theoretically, you need a fly that happens to be laying eggs to fly into grandma’s ear.Cough cough cough, grandma may also be hard of hearing at ordinary times, or more than 50 maggots in the ear rustling, so big movement how to wear also unapt three genius discovery!By the way, maggots can not only live in people’s ears, but also live in the stomach, urinary tract, eyes, nose, throat…Interested in their search “fly maggot disease”, friendship hint, do not search pictures!You’ve all seen fish pedicures, right?Soaking in hot springs, small fish come to bite the skin of feet, must be a lot of friends have experienced, Bashi drop is very ~~ this kind of fish pedicure, with the same fish, called starfish.There was this guy who, out of nowhere, got a bunch of baby eels and wanted to have a fish SPA with his family.But as soon as he got into the bath, he was greeted with a wild welcome.Not content with nibbling on the skin of their feet, they swam everywhere, and one of them slipped into his flammulina mushroom and swam straight to his kidney…This time it’s fish again.A group of children play a game of swallowing live fish in India.A boy did not know how to swallow the live fish directly into the lung, not only leaving a sen sen psychological shadow, but also left a sen sen lung shadow……And an Indian one.When a man was working in a fish pond, a 2cm small fish got into his flammulina mushroom…Maybe the fish was bigger than the little eels up there, and just swam to the bladder before it died.But he wasn’t much better. Wherever the fish went, they had to be cut open to get it out.In this regard, dragon elder sister only a little immature small question: work catch fish why don’t wear shorts??Let’s talk about fish again. This time it’s South Korea, where people like to eat raw squid as we all know.Once, a fierce female felt a sharp pain in her mouth when eating raw squid.She went to the hospital to let the doctor take a look, only to find that squid in her mouth X out of the sperm pod!Experts say this is because when the squid is bitten on the body, sometimes they will mistake the inside of the mouth for the female squid, which triggers the generation mechanism, and the opportunity to stab the mouth mucosa to do things…Just talking about animals, let’s have a few plants — yes, plants can also appear in the human body!Russia has a case, because a person inhaled cedar seeds, the growth of nearly 5cm tall small cedar.It seems that when I ate watermelon as a child and didn’t spit seeds, I was worried that the watermelon in my stomach was not a blind concern…A one-year-old girl in China has a whole dandelion growing out of her ear!Why is it long and not accidentally inserted, because the dandelion is completely rooted in the ear wall and has even blossomed!Encounter this situation, ear scoop certainly P with no, can only go to the hospital for surgery to remove…And finally, spiders!For those with arachnophobia, it’s not too late to quit.A man was traveling when he noticed a long red scar extending from his chest to his belly button.He hurried to the hospital to check, found that this is a spider in his body left traces, underline ah friends, inside!It turned out that the spider had penetrated his body through a small wound.Three days later, the doctor took the spider out of his stomach. To his horror, it was still alive.If the doctor doesn’t do something, I suspect in a few days this brother will mutate into spiderman…In addition to spiders, cockroaches have actually entered people’s bodies, but it’s too disgusting for me to go into detail…If you are really interested, you can search “Indian doctors successfully remove live cockroach from woman’s skull” to get a feel for it.The scariest thing about this case is that insects, fish, and plants can feed on people if they can — they live well in the human body.So, after all this, you still think humans are at the top of the food chain?Author profile: Long Feifei (commonly known as Long Big Sister), the host of the history talk show “Canteen Secrets”, the video has been put on toutiao, watermelon video and other platforms.You can find me at Goyechina.