Chongqing Spring Festival consumption 29.95 billion year-on-year growth of 9.3%!Home ownership enthusiasm gradually recovered

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On February 6, according to the monitoring data released by chongqing Commission of Commerce, chongqing’s main business districts and key monitoring business enterprises achieved 29.95 billion yuan in retail sales, up 9.3% year on year.The overall price of major daily necessities in Chongqing remained stable. Compared with before the holiday, rice increased by 0.82%, rapeseed oil decreased by 0.54%, pork decreased by 0.64%, and vegetables increased by 3.28%.Yonghui supermarket, Wal-mart, Chongbai and other large supermarkets organized the Year of the Tiger “stock up on New Year goods, have a good Year” and other activities, launched chengkou old bacon gift boxes, nut gift boxes, cooking oil, north-south dry goods and other special commodities.During the Spring Festival, major commercial circulation enterprises actively responded to market changes by expanding supply channels and diversifying commodity categories. Major daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits were in sufficient supply.During the holiday, retail sales in major business districts in central urban areas increased by 7.9 percent year-on-year.For the Spring Festival consumption season, the city’s major business districts and shopping malls, planning and publicity in advance, enough supplies, to create a harmonious and festive shopping environment.Festival consumption atmosphere is rich, “cloud economy” becomes a new highlight “Huli Full open · Find fun to make waves” 2022 Yuzhong fun on the new season activity, launched “online + offline” “new consumption + new interaction” and other “online + offline” consumption feast.As a new type of business, “cloud economy” is an important part of urban consumption economy and an important index to measure the service level of modern metropolis.By February 2020, chongqing had built more than 60 tall buildings of 200 meters and above, ranking first in China.Most of these skyscrapers are concentrated in places such as Jiefangbei and Jiangbeizui, giving Chongqing an advantage in developing high-altitude industries.In addition to the above projects of Chongqing Raffles and The World Financial Center, Yuzhong District has also built a series of high-flying consumption places such as infinity swimming pool, high-end cuisine and quality private kitchen in the westin Hotel and other high-rise buildings, and the “cloud economy” has emerged.Located 250 meters above the ground, Chongqing Raffles Crystal Corridor, the first horizontal skyscraper in China, is also a leisure and entertainment place featuring high altitude scenery.In terms of consumption data, people’s living standards have been further improved this Year. In the past two weeks, the residential area of the main urban area of Chongqing was 144,500 square meters, 1,268 residential units were sold, and the residential area of the Transaction during the Spring Festival was 16,000 square meters.The price increased to 15609 yuan /m² due to the impact of the transaction area.Liangjiang New Area ranked first with an area of 33,395.91 m², banan District and Shapingba District ranked second and third respectively.At the same time, the property market on the various case concessions, Tmall good room is launched during the Spring Festival “Spring Festival does not close”, “Spring Festival welcome Great benefits” and other activities, extended reading: “The Spring Festival does not close!Of course, these projects have a lot of activities, and improve the majority of products, and have a higher living comfort, which is also because developers hope to take the opportunity to have a good start in the New Year.Friends who have purchase demand, the first wave of 2022 New Year’s home purchase, but also miss it?Article source: Leju buy a house